Samurai Slaughter House announced as a PSVR 2 launch title

Samurai Slaughter House PSVR
Samurai Slaughter House PSVR

The second PlayStation VR 2 game has been announced! Samurai Slaughter House will be coming to PSVR 2 as a launch title and will also be available on last gen PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index. Check out the trailer for the PC version below.


Here’s more about the game.

Samurai Slaughter House is a physics based combat game with a metroidvania-style open world, a full length story, NPC interactions, and lite RPG features.

Use stealth, creativity, or brute force to take down your enemies. Explore a large open world inspired by anime, manga, and the brutal Sengoku period in history.

Fight humans, demons, and creatures taken from folk-lore in intense open world combat. Explore towns to interact with NPCs, purchase and sell items, pick up new primary and side quests, rest at an inn to heal or wait for the day to change, and craft items.

Befriend and recruit interesting and powerful allies. Use a variety of weapons, including swords, pole weapons, throwing weapons, chain weapons, and bows.

“This game has volumetric blood effects which some may consider extreme,” say development team Tab Games, “These blood effects can be turned off in the game options.” Lawks!

Samurai Slaughter House PSVR

Samurai Slaughter House PSVR 2

There are also rumours that there is going to be a Horizon universe VR game.The news came from the XboxEra podcast, presumably not much was happening the world of Xbox that day.

“Sony acquired Firesprite which is the ex-Studio Liverpool studio that made WipEout,” said the host, Nick.  “I have been told that they are working on a Horizon VR game.”

“I said is it Forbidden West VR? Is it Zero Dawn VR? It’s a separate thing set in the Horizon universe that is VR,” he adds. “I didn’t get told if it’s [Horizon VR] a full-blown game like Half-Life: Alyx or if it’s an “experience” like that Batman thing, that part I don’t know.”

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Source: Twitter / Steam

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