Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker gets a short delay

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Update

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has had a slight delay of two weeks, director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed. The Endwalker release date was meant to be November 23rd, but with this new delay Endwalker will be released on December 7th instead. Specific reasons for the delay have come down to the director himself, and he goes onto explain why Endwalker has been pushed back by two weeks. You can read the reasons below.


In the statement Naoki Yoshida said: “The biggest factor behind the release date change was my own selfishness as the game’s director. Ever since I was placed in charge of the original FFXIV, I’ve continued the development and operations for FFXIV over the past 11 years while always endeavoring to balance my position as the producer overseeing the project and the director in charge of development. It was my intention to work in this same manner as we approached the final stages of Endwalker’s development.

As I have mentioned previously in interviews and during live streams, Endwalker will be the largest expansion pack in the history of FFXIV. It has been a huge undertaking, but we proceeded with development following plans that would allow us to make it in time for the originally scheduled release date, although admittedly everything would be down right to the wire.

However, as we neared the end of development and I played through everything—from quests to battle content and the like—I just couldn’t contain my desire to further improve Endwalker’s quality, specifically because this expansion pack marks the first major culmination of events in FFXIV so far. Even as we look beyond Endwalker, the FFXIV story will continue for a long time and we hope to deliver many more enjoyable experiences in the game. However, it was precisely because Endwalker concludes the first major saga that I felt our team needed to push ourselves to the “limits” that I envisioned.

As a result, we remained firmly resolved to adjust down to the smallest nuances and ensure our writing covers even the finest points of the vast and intricate story that has spanned these past 11 years since the original FFXIV to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy their adventure in Endwalker. Unfortunately, the consequence of this was that we ended up in a situation where we cut into the time required for final quality assurance checks due to this time spent on additional improvements.

At this rate, there was a bigger risk of us reaching the release date without ensuring “stability” as one form of quality, and for that reason, I have decided to postpone the release at this time. As we also anticipate large amounts of congestion across all game Worlds, I felt that even in this respect it wouldn’t be right for us to release the expansion while lacking adequate “stability.” I am truly sorry.

When I look at my own career, up until now I have never postponed a previously announced release date (although I did once shift a release from Spring to early Summer…) and, when I also considered that many players had already made arrangements such as taking days off work in preparation for the original release date, I was incredibly torn between whether or not we should cut down the expansion pack’s volume or even release content in instalments. As such, I humbly ask you all to forgive me for the decision I’ve made.”

In our preview for Endwalker Reuben wrote: “What I played in the preview was a phenomenal taste of what’s to come and certainly left me wanting more. All of the new content looks and sounds amazing, the new Jobs are enjoyable to play, and that dungeon was absolutely exquisite, still managing to be a challenge in spite of how much of the game I have played. Even though it’s only six weeks away, Endwalker cannot come soon enough.”

You can read Reuben’s full thoughts in the article Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Preview – It’s high time for the End of Days.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV official site

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