Mass Effect 4 teaser marks the return of an old enemy

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BioWare has released a new Mass Effect 4 teaser which points to the return of an old enemy.

In case you missed it, the Mass Effect developer celebrated N7 Day this past weekend, marking the original game’s November 7th launch date.

mass effect 4 teaser art

BioWare had plenty of goodies and contests to share with fans. However, many were waiting for the team to reveal more about Mass Effect 4.

They weren’t left disappointed – the studio shared a new look at the upcoming project which is already being scoured for clues and potential Easter eggs.

The artwork depicts a crater on an unknown planet as well as spaceship and what could be three or for crew members. The way the crater is designed looks an awful lot like the Geth species who have appeared throughout the series. In Mass Effect lore, they were created by the Quarians as an android-like work force before they became sentient and revolted against their makers.

As pointed out by series sleuth, Shinobi602, the spaceship is marked with the three letters “SFX”. This was the codename for the original Mass Effect that was in use since 2003.

First revealed back in December 2020, we know very little about the untitled sequel though – unlike Andromeda – it is likely to be a direct sequel to the original trilogy.

The new teaser artwork for Mass Effect 4 doesn’t give us any solid clues to go on. In the last instalment, the Geth arc was seemingly resolved regardless of the decision your Shepard made. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what role they take if BioWare are picking up the series from where it left it at the end of ME3.

Earlier this year, EA finally caved to fans and gave them what they wanted. Mass Effect Legendary Edition remastered all three games, scoring a 9 out of 10 in our review:

BioWare has done a fantastic job of bringing the Mass Effect trilogy up to meet the standards of 2021. While it’s still a bit rough in some areas, and there’s quirks to how they’ve retrofitted some elements into the oldest of the three (which is still inferior in gameplay feel), this is the definitive version of the landmark trilogy you remember.

Source: BioWare Blog

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