Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 4 will add new operator and weapon

rainbow six siege year 6 season 4 new operator

Ubisoft has debuted Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 4, showing off upcoming content in a meaty gameplay trailer.


Here’s a quick summary of what’s to come. Y6S4 High Calibre will introduce a new operator, a new weapon, and a rework of an existing map. Of course, Ubisoft’s balancing team have been working on updates for the existing roster of Rainbow Six Siege operators. There are also some general improvements made throughout the game, keeping Siege fresh as we head in 2022 and the inevitable Year 7 announcements.

As promised, the fourth new operator being added this year is of Irish origin. Thorn is a fiery addition to the defenders, equipped with her Razorbloom Shells – a throwable gadget that will trigger when attackers get too close, showering them in shrapnel.

Thorn is a medium speed, medium armour operator who can be equipped with either the M870 or UZK50Gi as her primary weapon. The latter option is a brand new gun being added to Siege in Year 6 Season 4. It’s a SMG that packs a punch with its high mobility, rate of fire, and 50. cal rounds.

Ubisoft has also reworked another map – this time it’s Outback which was introduced in early 2019. With twenty maps currently in rotation, the developers have been revisiting each location, tweaking bomb placements and sight lines for improved competitive play.

rainbow six siege valkyrie rework balance

There are other changes on the way, including a new wave of operator balancing that will effect Maestro, Echo, Mozzie, Valkyrie, Goyo, and Finka, who can now revive herself from a downed state using her gadget.

Camera devices have also been reworked. Gadgets, such as Valkyrie’s deployable cameras will be destroyed after 10 seconds if thrown outside the objective area. This is to give attackers more of an advantage on their initial approach. There’s a new designer’s notes blog for those wanting to sift through all the upcoming changes in Y6S4.

When can we expect Rainbow Six Year 6 Season 4 to launch? Ubisoft hasn’t set a release date though it’s likely to go live in December 2021.

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