The PlayStation Direct Store has launched in the UK, but it doesn’t have any PS5 stock

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Sony has launched their direct store in the UK for PlayStation hardware, accessories, games and more. If you were hoping that this would help you get a PS5 in time for Christmas, though, you will have to keep those fingers crossed. Neither PlayStation 5 console is currently in stock for the storefront’s launch.


In fairness, given the obscene demand that there is for PlayStation 5 consoles, Sony have likely taken the wise decision not to immediately break their store by launching with consoles in stock. They can work through any technical hiccups and check that their servers are in as good a state as possible before putting it under real duress.

While there’s no consoles in stock right now, this does provide another option for hopeful console buyers to keep an eye on, and we have the direct page links:

For the rest of the store you have access to DualSense controllers and other PS5 accessories, the PS4 generation consoles and accessories, and a small selection of games that will likely be locked exactly at RRP forever and ever.

The UK PlayStation Direct store has followed on from the German store that arrived on 8th November, with France, Belgium and Luxembourg also getting a regional store. This follows on from the US version that launched in 2019.

While the US store cooked up a registration and raffle system for distributing whatever PS5 stock came into the store, the European stores have gone for direct sales. Either way, any attempts to keep up with demand and orders is pretty much hopeless while Sony deals with producing consoles during a worldwide semiconductor shortage. This has limited Sony to producing just enough consoles to ever-so-slightly outpace the PlayStation 4’s launch year. The latest announced figure is that they’ve shipped 13.4 million as of September 30, 2021, with the company saying that they’re on target to have shipped over 22 million PS5 consoles by April 2022.

I’m sure they’d be able to double that and sell out immediately right around now…

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