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Outriders will attempt to step back into the limelight next week with a new broadcast, Square Enix has announced. The broadcast will be taking place on Monday November 15th at 5pm GMT/6pm CET. What Square Enix has not stated is what will be announced in this new broadcast, but has stated it will be big for Outriders. It is likely there will be announcement of DLC, likely story related and possibly new powers. There may even be a brand new area in which Outriders will be sent to explore following the events of the main campaign.


Outriders has had a bumpy ride in since its launch. Square Enix proudly announced that the game reached 3.5 million unique players in its first month of release, though that player count does not relate directly to sales, as it launched into the subscription service Xbox Game Pass. The game also struggled with severe server issues during that time, and they took a month to restore accidentally deleted items back to player inventories. It is unclear how much money Outriders has made either, as according to People Can Fly back in August the company had not received royalties that were linked to profits from the success of the game.

In our Outriders review, Jim wrote: “Outriders juggles some truly captivating ideas for the looter shooter genre, yet fails to deftly execute them. While it succeeds in combining traditional third person shooting with rewarding dungeon crawling, its messy matchmaking, repetitive mission design, and a dull sci-fi story hold People Can Fly back from delivering to their fullest potential.”

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