Togges, Swordship, and Cursed To Golf revealed

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Thunderful Games has announced some games and these three are all very different from each other. The first of these games is called Togges, which is a platforming title in which players stack the cubes known as Togges to navigate the different worlds. These worlds will include places such as a futuristic city to a level made from carrot cake. A full release date is yet to be confirmed but developer Regular Studio has stated that Togges will be released in 2022. At the moment only PC has been confirmed as the platform for Togges.


The next game announced by Thunderful Games is Cursed To Golf. In Cursed To Golf players take on the role of a champion golfer who dies and becomes trapped in Golf Purgatory. To get out of purgatory the champion has to play through 18 dungeon style holes while facing obstacles, and the PAR count will also be important. If you go over PAR you will be transported back to the beginning of the course. Each course will have a legendary caddy that will give advice on how to get through the course. Ace Cards will be another feature in Cursed To Golf that will help players get through the golf course. The game will be coming in 2022 to PC and consoles.

The third game that was announced by Thunderful Games is Swordship, a dodge’em up. In Swordship you are not the direct attacker as the ship has no weapons, while enemies do. Instead, to shake the enemies you will need to force them to fly into different obstacles while you dodge them. In addition, players will need to steal goods in the game and then deliver those goods to use resources to then upgrade the ship. You can check out some gameplay below. Swordship will be out in 2022 for PC and consoles.

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