Bloodborne fans need to watch the Lies of P gameplay reveal

lies of p gameplay trailer

When watching the new gameplay trailer for Lies of P, Bloodborne fans are bound to feel a pang of familiarity.

After being teased earlier this year, NEOWIZ and developer Round8 Studio have finally given us a look at their twisted action.

There’s well over two minutes of gameplay footage to pick through, showing off various environments and enemies. There even looks to be a boss fight or two in there.

What’s particularly eye-catching is the flow and precision of combat, each battle being a careful ballet of parries and blows similar to Soulsborne titles and their many imitators. The name Bloodborne will no doubt continue to crop up as we approach Lies of P’s release date given the gloomy period setting. That said, there’s a clear distinction between the two games, Lies of P being overrun by creepy automatons, layering on some cool features including what looks like a grappling hook.

In case you missed the original reveal, that “P” in the title refers to none other than Pinocchio. You will play as the world famous puppet, attaching various upgrades as you hack and slash your way through this grim retelling of the old fairytale.

Lies of P is a fantastically baroque Action RPG inspired by the classic Italian novel Pinocchio from Carlo Collodi. The ruined, but once beautiful city of Krat is on full display in the new video. Hideous and twisted automatons rule the landscape, and it’s up to P to find Mr. Geppetto and reverse the calamity that has befallen Krat.

In the video, fans should notice the reactive counter-attacks, the array of unique weapons to find and put to use, and that Pinocchio’s own mechanical arm acts as an additional tool or weapon to give unique skills – such as a grappling hook and more.

A release date and platforms for Lies of P have yet to be confirmed though the game is available to wishlist via Steam. Waiting on you next great RPG fix? Why not read our preview of the excellent Elden Ring?

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  1. Bloodborne with a hint of Bioshock. I completely missed that it was P for Pinocchio though.

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