White Shadows releases in December for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S

White Shadows, the 2.5D platformer, will be released on December 7th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Thunderful Games confirmed the release date with a brand new trailer. White Shadows was announced back in August 2020, and it is in a black, white, and grey colour scheme. This colour palette will play into the story of White Shadows, adding to the sinister atmosphere of the city that the main character, Ravengirl, is trying to escape.


Ravengirl is on a mission to escape the surveillance state known as White City which is ruled by wolves. The main inhabitants of White City are pigs, sheep, birds and rats. Going by the trailer she is branded a criminal with the city’s resources used to hunt her down. The story description says: Some time ago, the great war led to a plague which wiped almost all living things from the face of the earth. Or so they say. Nobody is safe outside the White City, and the birds are to blame for the plague. Or so they say. Only a shining coat of fresh white color will protect you from the plague, and you must earn your ration of color by staying obedient. Or so they say. But Ravengirl stopped listening.

The features for White Shadows include:

  • Meaningful story: A story that is dark yet funny, gripping and relevant to players’ lives today
  • Narrative gameplay experience: Simple, but deep interactions drive the story forward
  • Cinematic style: A unique & highly detailed visual style made of shadows and light
  • This fable comes alive: a fully formed world with masses of pigs and sheep and birds, with scheming rats and wolf overlords and helpless little chicklets
  • A call to revolt: Are you ready to change the fate of the last city on earth and its‘ inhabitants?

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