Rogue Company new character Umbra revealed in trailer

rogue company new character umbra

Rogue Company has unveiled a new playable character who is arriving later this year. Umbra makes his debut in a new cinematic trailer as he goes up against familiar Rogues Chaac and Glitch.


He’s a lot less cheery than the latest addition to the Rogue Company roster, Cannon. We’ve yet to see Umbra gameplay but the trailer gives us a good idea of what his unique ability will be.

In this creepy character reveal, we see a mechanical Spider detach itself from the back of Umbra’s head. We assume that players will be able to control the spider as a kind of drone, safely scouting the battlefield ahead and revealing enemy positions. There’s a chance this eight-legged companion will have a mind of its own, perhaps following Umbra and attacking nearby opponents who get too close.

Here’s some lore on the new Rogue Company character:

Something sinister has been lurking in the shadows…

The evil Jackal Organization fights back against Rogue Company by sending out their top hitman, Umbra. This zealous, cybernetic agent holds a powerful vengeance and will do anything to fight for his self proclaimed righteousness.

Umbra is a high-ranking Jackal assassin and a true believer of the Jackal Cause. After a mission against Rogue Company went sideways, he was left for dead. Thanks to numerous cybernetic implants from Jackal he was reborn, more zealous and committed than before.

Umbra will arrive in December, developer First Watch Games has confirmed. Earlier this month, it kicked off its latest season for the tactical free-to-play shooter.

Rogue Company Season 4 – dubbed Sinister Shadows – adopts a dark, macabre theme. Sure, Halloween might have been last month, though fans will want to get their hands on some of the spooky outfits and skins for Rogues such as Dahlia and Anvil. There are 50 battle pass rewards in total with two premium bundles priced at 1000 and 2000 Rogue Bucks respectively, adding some extras boosts and bonuses.

When we first played Rogue Company at launch back in 2020, we were left pretty impressed. A third person hero shooter with a tactical edge, it has received numerous updates and expansion since launch, introducing a slew of maps, characters, and modes. Better yet, it’s still completely free-to-play.

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