Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on Xbox One & Series X|S – try before you download

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Microsoft has launched Xbox Cloud Gaming for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, letting console owners stream games from an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription instead of having to download them in order to play. This includes streaming Xbox Series X|S games to Xbox One consoles, with a handful of games available to start and Microsoft Flight Simulator streaming coming in early 2022.


if you’ve got an Xbox, you might not immediately see the option. This feature is first being made available to a selection of Xbox gamers before scaling to all gamers in all supported countries over the next few weeks.

This is Microsoft’s latest step in their rollout of Xbox Cloud Gaming to as many screens as possible in the world – it’s already available for iOS, Android, Windows 10 PC and has TV app and a standalone Game Pass stick in the works. Cloud Gaming is now available in 25 countries with Brazil set to be the 26th in the near future.

It’s an important step for Microsoft to make, helping them to bridge the divide between generations. With the console shortages expected to continue well into 2022, being able to bring Xbox Series X|S games to Xbox One means that gamers unable to upgrade at this time can enjoy the new generation as well.

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The first games to benefit from this are Recompile, The Medium and The Riftbreaker, while Microsoft Flight Simulator will get support in early 2022. All games on Game Pass Cloud Gaming are run on Xbox Series X hardware following a server upgrade that took place over the past year, meaning you’ll benefit from faster load speeds and higher frame rates.

Additionally, there’s the benefit for end users of being able to quickly try a game before downloading, being able to play a game while your storage is full up, or simply hopping into something that your friends are playing and cutting out the wait time. You can imagine that, once the foundations are fully set, Microsoft will give developers and publishers the ability to offer game trials via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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