Marvel’s Avengers Klaw Raid and new gear detailed

marvel's avengers raid details klaw

Marvel’s Avengers is preparing for its first four-player raid, out later this month. Discordant Sound is the most challenging slab of endgame content heroes will come up against, concluding the War for Wakanda Black Panther saga as players takedown Klaw once and for all.

Developer Crystal Dynamics has shared more detailed on the new Marvel’s Avengers raid mission. Unsurprisingly, there are some pretty high requirements – namely, your chosen superhero needs to be at Power Level 150 to participate.

While it’s common for other online games to use the term “raid” for content with higher player counts, Discordant Sound will host up to a max 4 Marvel icons. If there’s one thing Crystal wants to hammer home it’s that teamwork will be essential, though it’s likely you’ll still be able to join a random raid party via matchmaking.

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You’ll need to think about more than just maximising the raw damage output of your character, synergising abilities and collected perks to help push from one objective to the next. The mission brief below also hints as puzzles which will hopefully change or offer some kind of variation between each run.

You’ll start off under a moonlit area of the Wakandan jungles and make your way to Mena Ngai, the Vibranium Mound, and delve into the expansive mines within where you’ll face off against Klaw in his monstrous sonic form. Along the way, you’ll encounter more than one boss, each with its own mechanics and puzzles to test your mettle. Several of the puzzles are role-based, meaning that different Heroes in your group will be best suited for different responsibilities. You’ll want to strategize around who is best suited for what needs doing by taking into account what each player, not just each Hero, excels in. But it’s not a lock-and-key fit per Hero—any Hero can do any puzzle task, and build customization will help prepare you for whatever role it is you take.

In completing the Marvel’s Avengers raid, fans have a chance to unlock the game’s best loot. Those seeking the ultimate challenge can play Discordant Sounds on elite difficulty for even greater rewards, crossing off weekly missions.

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Klaw and his cronies hit hard but that’s not what makes them particularly threatening. Discordant Sound will introduce the new Echo enemy type who combine deadly attacks with sonic shields to heavily reduce damage.

The latest game blog goes into more detail about the new Discordant Gear. Not only will it raise the Power Level cap to 175, this loot also comes tagged with the game’s most advanced perks yet.

The Marvel’s Avengers raid arrives on November 30th alongside the new Spider-Man Hero Event.

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