Fall Guys Season 6 adds cross-platform progression, but Epic Games Accounts will be mandatory

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Fall Guys Season 6 is almost upon us, and it’s a big update for the game that goes beyond just a new theme, levels and costumes. This season is adding cross-platform progression to the game so you can take your levelling up and unlocks with you wherever you play, and re-enabling the ability for PC players to have custom names. However, to enable this, all players will now need an Epic Games Account in order to play.

Once Season 6 launches, players will have to sign into or create a new Epic Games Account and, if you’ve already been playing on multiple platforms, pick the on that you wish to be your primary profile. Unfortunately you will not be able to combine progress through Crown Rank, Shards, Crowns or Kudos from different platforms, and will simply have to pick the one where you have more progress. As a makeweight, all users will receive 10 Crowns as a bit of a peace offering.


This requirement was somewhat inevitable after Epic Games acquired Fall Guys developer Mediatonic earlier this year. That purchase saw Mediatonic shift their future development plans, delaying the planned Nintendo Switch and Xbox One release of the game and putting some effort into integrating with the shared frameworks that Epic Games has between Fortnite and Rocket League.

There’s no opting out of the new account requirement, even if you only intend to play on PlayStation 4. While this is sure to get a bit of backlash from those that have taken a dislike to Epic Games over the last few years, it’s worth remembering that this is a pretty standard requirement for video games these days. If you want to play FIFA 22 you’re effectively creating an EA account in order to play. The same is true Ubisoft games, Warner Bros. games like Back 4 Blood, and more. Even without account creation, the EULA that you quickly click through will typically allow for data collection and analysis.

Season 6 will be kicking off soon with a ‘Party Spectacular’ to round out the year. The new season will be revealed on 23rd November at 5PM GMT, showing off new Rounds, obstacles, costumes, surprise collaboration guests and a celebratory new game theme.

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