Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man gameplay revealed

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Marvel’s Avengers fans have been given their first proper look at Spider-Man gameplay from the upcoming DLC.

Arriving later this month, Spider-Man will helm the game’s first “Hero Event” which will see him become the tenth playable hero in Marvel’s Avengers. We were previously given a glimpse at the cool costumes that will be available.

There’s a good five or so minutes of gameplay footage to watch, courtesy of IGN. As expected, Spider-Man can weave together a flurry of melee strikes, web attacks, and well-timed dodges.

It’s also been revealed that there will be no new story missions added for the November 30th Hero Event. While Spidey can play through every bit of existing Avengers content, this update otherwise looks pretty thin. Speaking with IGN, Gameplay Director Philippe Therien, explains that the team at Crystal Dynamics wanted to focus on content all players could access, citing the developer’s work on the upcoming Klaw raid.

Will Spider-Man be free in Marvel’s Avengers?

Before launch, Square Enix confirmed that all additional heroes being added to Marvel’s Avengers will be free, including Spider-Man.

Once a new hero has been released, they are immediately playable via the Avengers Initiative mode. Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther all have their own singleplayer story missions too. It’s a shame the new Avenger won’t receive his own story missions, given how important he is to Marvel’s legacy. Needless to say, don’t expect something on the same scale as War for Wakanda.

Spider-Man will be completely free to play, though you’ll have to pay to unlock his Hero Challenge Card. This is basically a battle pass for each hero in the game that offers you rewards as you play and complete daily and weekly challenges. Priced at 1000 credits, each card comes loaded with 40 tiers that offer rewards such as resources, takedowns, and flashy character outfits.

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Which heroes will join Marvel’s Avengers next?

Beyond Spider-Man, there has been no official confirmation of which heroes are coming to Marvel’s Avengers in 2022 and beyond. Soon after launch, dataminers discovered files within the game suggesting that heroes such as Captain Marvel, Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange, and She-Hulk are currently in development.

For more on this topic, see our recent post – Marvel’s Avengers characters we want to see.

Source: IGN

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