RuneScape Party Hat returns for 20th anniversary event

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RuneScape is continuing to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the return of the Party Hat. Anyone who has had a brush with the popular MMO will know just how coveted these items are, fetching billions (yes, billions) of in-game gold.


Everyone now has a chance to get their very own RuneScape Party Hat as part of the Golden Party Hat Hunt event. Between now and January 3, 2022, players can craft one of these must-have headpieces by collecting 8 shards earned through various activities.

It will be interesting to see what impact (if any) this has on the game’s economy. The original RuneScape Party Hats were available during the 2001 Christmas event and came in six different colours (white, blue, red, green, yellow, and purple). Although they don’t offer any stats bonuses, they have become a symbol of extreme wealth among RuneScape players.

Jagex also has details on the newest quests, patch notes, and membership deals being added to RuneScape. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about the RuneScape Party Hat event.

RuneScape Golden Party Hat Hunt FAQ

Q: Is leveling a skill necessary to gain a shard?

A: Nope! You earn shards while training any skill, so just go about your regular activities!

Q: Can we obtain multiple shards from the same activity?

A: Each skill only rewards one shard, so you’ll need to mix up your skilling activities to earn them.

Q: Do I need Membership to access the shards and make the Party Hat?

A: To secure your Golden Party Hat, you’ll need to be a RuneScape Member and obtain eight of a possible 11 shards spread across the game.

Q: Are Ironman players able to participate?

A: Ironman players will be able to create their own hat – however, they will not be able to trade it.

Q: Some of the shards come from drops but I have terrible luck. What is the likelihood I won’t be able to finish it?

A: Slim! While there is an element of RNG to collecting the shards, they also have in-built ‘bad luck’ protection. As you continue to train a skill or complete clue scrolls, the likelihood of getting a shard grows exponentially. Essentially, it’s our intent that players who are actively playing throughout this event will be able to create their own hat without too much worry

Q: Will Protean items drop the shards?

A: Yes, Protean items will be able to drop their relevant shards.

Q: Where can I buy the shard that’s for sale?

A: Nic the Trader will sell you a shard! You can find him at the Grand Exchange.

Q: Does the clue shard come from completing a Clue Scroll or from the Casket?

A: The shard will come from completing a Clue Scroll.

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