Deeer Simulator launches on consoles and PC, because that’s a thing now

Deeer Simulator
Deeer Simulator

What is the meaning of deer life? That is the philosophical question posed by Gibier Games and PLAYISM in their new game, DEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game.

To answer the question you, a human who has been reborn as a deer, can decide live a peaceful existence communing with the animals and dancing with humans… or you can go nuts and destroy everything in your path and battle monstrous dogs fused with polar bears and police cars, rather like a combiner in the Transformers toy line.

Here’s some blurb:

As a human reborn as a deer, frolic on the peaceful continent of Orchestralia, an idyllic land full of humans and animals. Bestow gifts to the humans there in the form of antlers, become a slice of bread from I Am Bread, and live in peaceful harmony.
Or don’t do that, and wreak utter havoc painting the town red. Pick up pistols and laser rifles, and sling the deer’s elongated neck to grapple to objects and fling it across the map. Hitch a ride on cars, or get a bit more wild and take horses and fish for a spin. The world won’t be able to handle the Deerstruction.
Havoc increases the Deersaster meter, summoning the police. The force consists of polar bears, sheep, and rabbits, but they’re heavily armed and it’s deer season. Commit too much crime and they’ll summon giant police robots composed of multiple conjoined animals to hunt down John Doe. Take advantage of the deer’s ability to sprint on its hind legs to evade the brutal law in town, and find the weaponry to defeat them!
The Nintendo Switch version of the game includes an exclusive mini game, Cowthello, which is like Othello/Reversi but with cows. Obviously.

DEEEER Simulator launches on Steam for Windows PC and Xbox One today, while the Switch and PS4 versions will be out on November 25th for $19.99. It joins Goat Simulator, Bee Simulator, and Pigeon Simulator.

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