Hunt Showdown update fixes invincibility bug

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Crytek has deployed Hunt Showdown update – this is a PC hotfix that addresses a number of reported issues since the release of version 1.7.

Don’t expect new content or features – this latest patch is solely aimed at fixing problems such as an invincibility bug and control and issues.

Hunt Showdown 1.7 launched last week across all platforms. You can review the patch notes in full here, including details on the new weapon, traits, map changes, and more. There is also a reconnect feature that’s been added, with both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions now running at a higher frame rate.

Hunt Showdown PC Hotfix

  • Addressed an issue that resulted in Hunters being invincible and unkillable.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the news feed to appear on screen after each game session.
  • Fixed an issue that caused navigating with the arrow keys or D-pad might not behave as intended.
  • Addressed an issue that caused enemy hunters to be highlighted in Dark sight after disconnecting form the mission
  • Addressed an issue that caused some UI elements to appear behind the player profile on the after-match screen.
  • Addressed an issue that resulted in the Vetterli High Velocity ammo to have the wrong image in the book of weapons.
  • Fixed several issues that could occur when banishing a boss while a member of your team has been downed.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in downed players receiving their full HP back when a banish was initiated.

In our review of Hunt: Showdown we praised the sleeper hit for its sense of atmosphere and risk/reward gameplay despite taking a while for the game to click:

“I’ll admit I wasn’t keen on Hunt: Showdown to start with, but after the first few matches I realised there’s something special here. This is an unusual entry in a genre ruled by far snappier shooters, and it takes time to get your head around Crytek’s clever twist on the formula. Stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with a uniquely engrossing multiplayer experience.”

In other Hunt: Showdown news, the multiplayer shooter is being adapted into a live action series exclusively for free streaming platform, Binge, in 2022.

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