Rust Console Edition Devastation Unleashed update adds tech tree

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Rust Console Edition is getting a new update on November 25th which is known as Devastation Unleashed. One of the big new features that will be added to the game is the tech tree. With this players will be able to spend their scrap and access different branches on the tech tree to suit their playstyles, instead of having to rely on random blueprints. The research table remains the same so players can still also make some progression through that too. There will be a blueprint wipe on all servers when the tech tree is added.


Rust Console Edition will also get 3KM maps through the Devastation Unleased update. These 3KM map seeds will be deployed to both weekly and monthly servers, giving players more space to roam around and leaving more areas where players can build their bases before venturing out. Players will also have new building blocks to construct their bases with these including Triangle Roofs, Triangle Ladder Hatch, Triangle Floor Frame, Spiral Staircase, Triangle Spiral Staircase, Ramp and Steps. Using these properly can make bases much more difficult to raid. Gestures will also be added to Rust Console Edition so players can be more expressive with each other. Each gesture will be found in a radial menu. The update will also fix bugs and improve quality as well as new gun handling and aim assist adjustments. The full patch notes will be released soon.

In our review for Rust Console Edition Thomas wrote: “Rust Console Edition manages to transcribe the wildly popular PC experience, but a few key missing features mean it falls short of what it should be. It could be great in time, but right now it feels like a disappointing misstep in comparison to the fleshed out PC version.”

You can read the full review here.

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