Halo Infinite – How to unlock all Fracture: Tenrai rewards and armour pieces

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The Fracture: Tenrai event is now live in Halo Infinite, a time-limited event that features exclusive samurai-themed rewards, a free battle pass, and comes alongside a fun playlist that remixes the excellent Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay.

Unfortunately, right now, unlocking all of these goodies is hampered by Halo Infinite’s deeply imperfect progression system and the decision to keep some of the most desirable items behind the high sticker prices in the cosmetics shop. Still, let’s look at how you can progress and earn everything that the free Event Pass has to offer. Thankfully, if you can’t play this week, there will be five more week-long opportunities to earn them.

When is in the Fracture: Tenrai running?

Fracture: Tenrai will run on six occasions during Halo Infinite Season 1, which concludes on 2nd May 2022.

  • Week 1: November 23rd 2021 – November 30th 2021
  • Week 2: January 4th 2022 – January 11th 2022
  • Week 3: February 1st 2022 – February 8th 2022
  • Week 4: February 22nd 2022 – March 1st 2022
  • Week 5: March 29th 2022 – April 5th 2022
  • Week 6: April 19th 2022 – April 26th 2022

If the event format stays the same, then each week will give you the chance to progress through seven ranks in the Event Pass.

Halo Infinite Facture Tenrai Event Pass

What is in the Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass?

The free Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass comes with 30 ranks to progress through, each with a reward that ranges from a challenge swap to the Yoroi Armour Core that you need in order to use all of the armour cosmetics. Here are the 30 rewards:

  1. Torii Reflection – Nameplate backdrop
  2. Challenge Swap
  3. XP Grant
  4. Samurai – Nameplate
  5. Yoroi Armour Core
  6. Challenge Swap
  7. XP Grant
  8. XP Grant
  9. Samurai – Vehicle Emblem
  10. Gatekeeper – Left Shoulder Pad (Yoroi)
  11. Challenge Swap
  12. XP Grant
  13. XP Grant
  14. Samurai – Armour Emblem
  15. Gatekeeper – Right Shoulder Pad (Yoroi)
  16. Challenge Swap
  17. XP Grant
  18. XP Grant
  19. Samurai – Weapon Emblem
  20. Sol Devil – MA40 Assault Rifle Weapon Coating
  21. Challenge Swap
  22. XP Grant
  23. XP Grant
  24. Whispered Sky – MK50 Sidekick Weapon Coating
  25. Yokai – Helmet (Yoroi)
  26. Challenge Swap
  27. XP Grant
  28. Whispered Sky – BR75 Battle Rifle Weapon Coating
  29. Spring Blossom Filter – Yokai Helmet Attachment (Yoroi)
  30. Swordsman’s Belt – Utility (Yoroi)

That’s right. The event pass is filled with an awful lot of XP Grants, Challenge Swaps, individual shoulder pads and individual weapon colour schemes. It’s not super amazing, and 343 has caught some stick for featuring premium armour pieces in promotional art for what is advertised as a free event.

Halo Infinite Fracture Event samurai armour

The one upside is that levelling up is fairly quick, in my experience.

How do you rank up in the Fracture: Tenrai event?

Ranking up in Fracture: Tenrai is similar to the regular battle pass in Halo Infinite, in that you must complete a set of randomly generated and assigned challenges throughout the week. You will have seven event challenges for a particular week of the event, and 42 challenges through the six weeks that the event will run this season – that’s right on the cusp of inducing the kinds of ‘FOMO’ that 343 previously said they wanted to avoid.

Each of these challenges will take up one of the three (or four if you bought the battle pass) active weekly challenge slots that you have available at any one time. Completing a Fracture: Tenrai challenge will award you XP for the main battle pass, as well as levelling you up each time within the event.

The kicker is that you must be playing the Fracture: Tenrai – Fiesta Playlist for these challenges. This is a variant of the Slayer game mode in which you are given random weapons every time that you respawn. It could be a pair of pistols, it could be a SPNKR and sniper, you just don’t know. It is…. a lot of fun! Additionally, if you have Weekly Challenges that require particular weapons or certain Spartan-killing feats, playing the Fiesta playlist will let you complete those too.

Here are some of the challenges that we’ve seen:

  • Kill 10 enemy Spartans in Fiesta PvP matches
  • Get 10 Assists in Fiesta PvP matches
  • Get a double kill in Fiesta PvP matches
  • Win one Fiesta PvP match
  • Get 5 killstreaks in Fiesta PvP matches

You get the idea…

All in all, the Fracture: Tenrai event only accentuates some of the main complaints about Halo Infinite since its surprise launch on 15th November. The progression is often too much of a chore, the battle pass is far too stingy and ultra-specific with its rewards, and there’s seemingly a ton of desirable content that is being locked behind expensive real money purchases.

The game’s fun, so 343 Industries do have some time to rectify the situation and they have acknowledged a lot of the negative feedback that they’re getting. Right now, large parts of the team is taking a much needed opportunity to break for Thanksgiving in the US and have a holiday, but patience could wear thin if the way that Microsoft makes money off one of their biggest franchises continues to feel overly exploitative.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer might be out now, but they’re technically calling it a beta. The full game – as in the single player campaign – will be out on 8th December 2021 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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