Microsoft opens digital Xbox museum to look back on 20 years of gaming and your own personal stats

Xbox 20th Anniversary Digital Museum Header

Microsoft has opened up a digital museum for the Xbox consoles, looking back on the past 20 years of gaming and the earliest seeds of the platform’s creation. Also, if you log into your Xbox Live account, you’ll be able to check out some neat stats from your own gaming history of the last couple of decades.

To check it out, simply head to We would recommend doing this on a computer and with a Chromium-based browser (Chrome or Microsoft Edge) to get the best experience, though you can try and load it up on your phone.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Digital Museum

To move around the 3D museum, you have standard WASD control for PC gaming, and then a click and drag with the mouse to change your viewpoint. Interacting with each point on the exhibit, you want to find and stand on the circles before them and then hit ‘enter’. The main problem that we’ve found is that these are shared spaces with seemingly dozens, if not hundreds of other people able to explore at the same time. For us, this completely tanks the frame rate and performance. There is also a timeline at the bottom of the screen that you can interact with, instead of heading to the digital spaces.

You can also escape by visiting your personal stats at My Xbox Museum. This dips into your personal online history to show things like the first game you played on a particular console, your first time signing on, first achievements, your yearly gamerscore, and more. Of course, there’s also your most-played games, both by year and overall.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Personal Stats

Strangely it doesn’t seem to be working quite right. amusingly enough, it thinks that my first Xbox 360 game was Gears of War for Windows, which shows just how dumb and archaic Games for Windows Live was, but there’s plenty of people out there who are seeing the system claim that one of their most played games is something they didn’t play… at all!

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