Capcom tease Street Fighter VI for 2022

The final fighter to join Street Fighter V, Luke, was the subject of the Street Fighter V Fall Update live stream and he will be released on November 29th. During the presentation producer Shuhei Matsumoto let slip that Luke “will be featured in the next Street Fighter project.” Earlier this year Capcom also tweeted that Luke would be “a key player in the future of Street Fighter!”

A short while later in the presentation Director Takayuki Nakayama also revealed that Street Fighter V is “a springboard to move on to the next project”, so almost certainly talking about Street Fighter VI. Matsumoto ends the stream buy saying “this is more of a ‘see you soon’ rather than a ‘goodbye’ and that “we look forward to providing you with more information next year!”


We should point out that they may not be talking about Street Fighter 6, but with content for Street Fighter V ending and it the series being a huge money maker for Capcom it’s highly unlikely the Street Fighter development team would be working on anything other than Street Fighter 6.

Rumours suggest that Street Fighter VI might hit the big red reset button on the franchise. A certain character in Street Fight V says that they need to “start it all over again, from zero,” which maybe a reference to Street Fighter Alpha series and some time travel shenanigans.

Other rumours have suggested the game will launch in time for Christmas next year, and that would line up within the first part of 2022. Capcom suffered a large data breach at the end of 2020 and release dates for games were part of the hack, these also had Street Fighter VI pencilled in for Q3 2022. Other rumours suggest that, once again, the game will be console exclusive to PlayStation, with a PC version also on the cards.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter VI: Luke will play a key roll and may even find some shorts that fit.

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