Has Kojima tweeted a blurred pic of Norman Reedus working on his next project?

kojima norman reedus
kojima norman reedus

Hideo Kojima is busy working on his next thing, but what that thing is is now a little unclear. Could it be related to the fact that Kojima Productions recently announced a move in to music, film and other media? Whatever it is he is working on is already in progress as he tweeted, “Recently, I’ve been revising the plan and script, and experimenting with everything else.”


You can see there is also a blurred picture and speculation is rife that that the person in the white shirt is Norman Reedus, but is it? Lets do some investigative journalism (i.e Googling) and find out!

First things first, lets use AI to unblur the image. That works in TV crime dramas doesn’t it? A click of a mouse and a blurry pixelated picture of a suspect turns in to a instantly recognisable face. I fed the picture into a number of AI systems to unblur the image and they were universally rubbish. Television lied to me!

This was the best I got:

Let’s carry on regardless.

People think it’s Norm mostly due to those boots, which are almost like biker boots with a chunky heel. That’s what we would assume Norm wears in The Walking Dead where he’s a rufty tufty biker type but does he wear similar footwear when not being Daryl?

Nope. I present to you Exhibit A: Norm’s preferred choice of footwear.

Norm prefers a flat sole, not a heel. You can see other pictures of him not wearing biker boots here, here, here, here and just about every other picture on the internet, including one where he’s about to jump on a motorbike. In fact he doesn’t even wear biker boots in The Walking Dead. Conclusive proof that those boots are almost certainly not caressing the feet of Norm in a casual setting.

However there is a more telling sign that it’s not our Norm. The picture shows a person wearing a watch which has a light face and what appears to be a black strap.

I now present Exhibit B: Norm owns a gold Rolex with a black face. You can see that here, here, here, here, here and lots of other pics. There are a couple of pictures of him wearing other watches, but these also have black faces. So even when Norm can be found without his Rolex, he’s pretty consistent.

It also unlikely that Norm would be around while Kojima is “revising his plan”, a stand in would be used and Norm would come in when everything has been finalised. Filming for the final series of The Walking Dead began in February and was only half way through in August and has not wrapped yet so he’s probably still quite busy on that.

Therefore we can conclusively deduce the person in the picture is not Norman Reedus and more likely Kojima Productions’ studio art director Yoji Shinkawa.

Unless, of course, Norm has had a rethink of his footwear choices, bought a new watch, and has nothing better to do than mess about in Kojima’s studio, in which case it may be him.

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