Marvel’s Avengers quadruple XP event live ahead of Klaw Raid

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Marvel’s Avengers is currently hosting a quadruple XP event that will run throughout this weekend.

If you’re hoping to throw down again Klaw in the upcoming Avengers raid then here’s your chance. All heroes will earn experience points at four times the speed, cutting down on potential end game grind.


Developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that you will need a Power Level of 150 in order to take part in the four-player Discordant Sound raid. As Marvel’s Avengers players will know, Power Level is determined by the gear you have equipped, the loot you earn gradually getting better as you continue playing. Meanwhile, XP is used to rank up character from level 1 to 50, unlocking new super powers and abilities from their respective skill trees.

The Klaw raid is shaping up to be the biggest challenge players have faced since the game launch. By defeating Klaw, you have a chance to unlock the game’s best loot. Those seeking the ultimate challenge can play Discordant Sounds on elite difficulty for even greater rewards, crossing off weekly missions.

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Klaw and his cronies hit hard but that’s not what makes them particularly threatening. Discordant Sound will introduce the new Echo enemy type who combine deadly attacks with sonic shields to heavily reduce damage.

The first raid will be going live on November 30th along with the Spider-Man Hero Event. Peter Parker will be joining the Avengers roster as the game’s tenth playable character following Black Panther and Hawkeye. Disappointingly, he wont have his own campaign missions – Crystal Dynamics confirmed that this is due to the hero’s PlayStation exclusivity and how the team wanted to focus their efforts on creating additional content for all players instead of focusing on a single platform.

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