PlayStation Home will return thanks to fans

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PlayStation Home has been long dead. However, the PS3’s virtual social space will soon be making a return thanks to die-hard fans.


Destination Home is a community of game preservationists who have been busy at work to restore and share a playable version of PlayStation Home.

An offline version of the revival project is already available to download and play on modded consoles and emulators. Having partnered with the team at PSONE, PlayStation Home will be brought back online where users can join private or public sessions.

It’s worth noting that this is a work in progress. Fan favourite spaces such as The Hub, Playground, and Bowling Alley will make an appearance though there will be plenty missing as the project remains under development. A full list of features and content in the upcoming build has yet to be revealed though don’t expect to find your previous Home purchases restored.

Sony officially pulled the plug on PlayStation Home back in March 2015. It had launched in late 2008 and continued to expand though never became as integral to the PS3 experience as Sony might have hoped. Still, it attracted a zealous fanbase who were sad to see it go.

PSONE recently hit the headlines after resurrecting the PS3 servers for popular online shooter, Killzone 2. This was later followed by MotorStorm, the group announcing that Resistance: Fall of Man is next. While playable, it’s worth noting that some key features are missing from these games, such as online trophy support. The list of other supported titles includes favourites such as Twisted Metal Black, Warhawk, WipEout, and SOCOM Confrontation.

PSONE stresses that this release is meant solely for preservation and educational purposes. The organisation doesn’t take donations, stating the following in their legal section:

All rights are reserved by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited, as well as the respective third-party companies responsible for implementing content into the preserved games. PSONE is working on PS Games that has been shutdown, the usage of this software falling under abandonware due to the lack of copyright enforcement involving the tools. The online section of PS Games is protected by the laws implied by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 17 U.S. Code § 1201 for the purpose of preservation, education and public viewing as a museum effort.

For more footage, you can watch Destination Home’s previous video which includes more areas, mini-games, and a better look at avatar clothing and customisation.

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