£3000 Gaming Chaise Lounge revealed, perfect for gamers who like a bit of luxury

Gaming Chaise Lounge
Gaming Chaise Lounge

Gin company Hendrick’s have revealed the antidote for the ubiquitous red and black gaming chairs that everyone seems to sell: a green velvet chaise lounge. In fact it’s so anti-gaming it’s been designed as the “ultimate escapism from computerised diversions” and comes with board and card games rather than a copy of Halo Infinite and an Xbox Series X.

Gaming Chaise Lounge

The Gaming Chaise Lounge


“In response to the global gaming boom, Hendrick’s has invented an innovative new ‘gaming’ experience of its own,” says the Gin maker. “The perfectly proper seating solution supports a spectrum of non-computerised diversions, with features including a compartment for board games, a built-in drinks cabinet, and even an amplified horn. These utterly untechnical features combine the best of a bar cart and an ultra-plush couch.”

“The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise comes with three unique, Victorian-era board games, Hendrick’s playing cards and a chessboard. For cocktail connoisseurs, all the barware needed to create the perfect Hendrick’s cocktail such as highball glasses, a shaker, cocktail spoon, strainer, muddler, stirrer, and mixing glass can also be found tucked away in the chaise, along with the ever-so-peculiar Hendrick’s teacups. Last but not least, will be a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin and tonic to ensure the perfect base for a delicious refreshment.”

The gaming chaise lounge is a unique, one of a kind design and anyone wishing to purchase the seat must enter a ballot. If you happen to be the lucky winner you will then have to fork out £2999.99 to purchase the chaise lounge. The ballot closes at 9am on 13th December 2021 and it may take up to eight weeks for the chaise lounge to be delivered as it is being hand crafted in New York.

It’s certainly a unique design and rather more stylish that Puma’s attempt to get in to the gaming chair market, their design famously looked more like something you would find in a sex dungeon.

Source: Hendricks

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  1. The number of mobility recliner ads I’m now seeing is hilarious! They’re even offering trade-ins, I wonder what they’d give for a gaming chaise long?

  2. It’s a posh sex chair. More expensive than that Puma one, and probably less hygenic.

    That big drawer to store you “board games”? Inevitably full of adult accessories in a convenient location so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your £3000 sex chair when you need an extra dick or two.

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