Warframe: The New War expansion releases in two weeks

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Warframe: The New War will be released on December 15th, Digital Extremes has announced. This content will be available on all platforms that Warframe is available on including PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Warframe: The New War will be a new cinematic quest across three acts that will allow players to control new characters and new environments as the war against the Sentients rages on.


“Just as players have waited so long for this climactic moment in Warframe, we too have eagerly awaited the time where players would be able to experience the emotional depth and action of The New War that we’ve created for them,” said Rebecca Ford, Director of Community and Live Operations. “We can’t wait to experience The New War alongside our players and deliver a continuation in Warframe’s story that we’ll be able to build and expand upon. The future is bright, Tenno.”

Those new characters mentioned earlier include Kahl-175 the Grineer, Veso the Corpus Tech, and the Dax: Teshin, all former enemies. These three characters will be facing off against the Sentients and looking for the truth behind the war. Warframe: The New War will also include new weapons, customisations, and accessories. There will also be a new Warframe called Caliban, which is a Sentient hybrid. To engage in the new expansion players are encouraged to play the Prime Resurgence event and also build an Archwing, build or purchase a Railjack, build or purchase Necramech, and unlock Operator.

“Warframe’s story is everything to us. The New War is the experience players have wanted since the quest title was first revealed at TennoCon 2018,” said Steve Sinclair, Creative Director at Digital Extremes. “This moment is the culmination of years of experimentation in game development and feeding the beast that is Warframe. Our community has given us everything to let us continue the story that is both ours and theirs – Warframe is a shared experience. With the launch of The New War, players will have a definitive Warframe experience at their fingertips, and it sets the stage for Warframe’s continued growth. We’ve only just begun.”

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