Where The Heart Leads will be released on PC in 2022

Where The Heart Leads will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive, Armature Studios has announced. The studio has confirmed that the game will be available on PC both Steam and Epic Games Store in 2022. Where The Heart Leads was released in July for PS4 and PS5. The story follows Whit Anderson where you revisit moments of his life and have hundreds of choices to make, with each one impacting the following moments as well as Whit’s relationships with other characters.


“Where the Heart Leads is about the power of choice,” said Todd Keller, director, Armature Studio. “We’re thrilled to give players more choices for where and how to experience Whit’s journey, a relatable story about where our choices in life take us. Are we the masters of our own fates, or does fate have other plans in store?

According to Armature there are over 600,000 words in the narrative for Where The Heart Leads. More words than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which puts that into perspective. That is due to the amount of branching paths that the game can take due to the thousands of choices available in the game which in turn means there are dozens of endings to find. Some choices will have immediate payoffs while other consequences may not be noticed until further down the line.

In our review for Where The Heart Leads, Adrian wrote: “Where the Heart Leads offers a supremely compelling and fascinating overall narrative, one that is filled with genuinely meaningful choices – surely a rarity in video games? Unfortunately, its tall tale is also bogged down with numerous presentation issues that result in dull characterisation. Overall an uneven experience that’s both brilliant and boring – sometimes at the same time.”

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