Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier update will add gyro controls

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An upcoming Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier update will add gyro support among other requested features and fixes.


Publisher Square Enix confirmed that an update for its Final Fantasy battle royale shooter is due to drop later this month with a new option for gyroscopic controls.

When playing Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier on mobile, gyro support will allow users to add a little finesse to their aiming by tilting their device. The developers are also working to improve the virtual on-screen joystick. Here’s more on what to expect from the December update.

Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier December Update Details

Bug Fixes

  • Error in which the lower half of your character is displayed awkwardly when equipped with specific skins
  • Voice chat not working
  • Sound cuts out each time you switch to another application
  • Map cannot be opened after briefing just before the beginning of a match.
  • Controller cursor disappears.
  • Controller cursor appears in the top left of the screen in situations it shouldn’t appear.
  • Game crashes
    *We will continuously be making improvements to this final fix.

Additional Features

  • Gyroscope support
  • Fixed virtual joystick option

Announced earlier this year alongside another Final Fantasy VII title for mobile, The First Soldier didn’t get the warmest reception among fans. So soon after 2020’s superb Final Fantasy VII Remake, there were concerns that FF7 fatigue could set in prematurely as Square Enix continues to lean on the nostalgia of fans.

With that said, Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier holds up remarkably well. In a world where so many battle royale shooters have appeared only to vanish months later, Square’s punt at the genre is both fun and innovative. It makes use of assets and locations from FF7 Remake, forging them together to create a patchwork battleground in which players let loose spells and a hail of bullets.

Of course, it’s also given Square an opportunity to pump its latest mobile hit with cosmetic DLC for those wanting to dress up like their favourite Final Fantasy characters.

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