Battlefield 2042 suffers “Load Persistence Data” server errors after Update #3 release [Update: fix deployed]

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Update: A server-side fix has been deployed for the Unable to load Persistence Data errors presenting after Update #3 went live this morning.


DICE pushed live Update #3 for Battlefield 2042 this morning, the patch for the near future first person shooter bringing hundreds of fixes, changes, improvements and a handful of new features. However, since then the game has struggled with server issues and an unusual PC mouse input bug. DICE are working to resolve both problems, with a workaround in place for PC users.

The server issue brings up the “Unable to Load Persistence Data” error, which was rather common around the early access period of the game’s launch. This is a server-side issue that DICE’s networking team are working to resolve, but they suggest that you simply hit Retry and go again.

Update #3 notably came without a period of server maintenance, so perhaps DICE will start to feature this more regularly when pushing updates live in future.

Further to this, PC players have found that their mouse inputs aren’t working on a horizontal axis. This is some kind of configuration error that has cropped up during the update, which DICE and end users have found workarounds for. In essence, you’re looking to reset the control input settings.

If you want to try to preserve your other keybinds and custom settings, then in-game navigate to Options > Global Settings and unbind ‘Look Left’ and ‘Look Right’ – via Twitch streamer Lissa. DICE’s own troubleshooting method is to simply delete all keybinds from a settings file in Windows. You can do this by removing “PROFSAVE” files that are found in My Documents > Battlefield 2042 > Settings.

Battlefield 2042 Update #3 was the biggest patch for the game yet. In addition to fixes (and apparently causing new problems!), it lays some of the foundations for the game’s future support in 2022. Weekly Missions give players three varying missions each week that you can track from the main menu. Completing a missions will earn you XP to boost the levelling up you’re already doing through regular play, but the main goal will be to complete all three and earn a cosmetic reward to show off. This will be a key part of when seasonal content goes live early next year.

Read all the patch notes here.

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