These PlayStation Vita games are going offline on December 24th

Sony has confirmed that three PlayStation Vita games will be going offline later this month.

The publisher will pull the plug on a trio of exclusives, axing servers and stopping players from accessing online features, including multiplayer. This will come into effect from December 24, 2021.

The three PlayStation Vita games in question are Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, and its successor, Soul Sacrifice Delta.

This announcement comes via the PlayStation Japan website (via PushSquare). Although it’s sad to see these games go offline, it’s safe to assume that their server numbers have dwindled over the years.

Avid trophy hunters will want to act fast if they’re desperate to unlock platinum trophies for Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, and Delta. All three of them have multiplayer trophies and while some of them can be completed via local ad hoc play, finding other players (especially for boosting sessions) will become much harder.

Both Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice tried to piggyback on the success of the insanely popular Monster Hunter series. Capcom’s power-selling franchise hadn’t quite hit the mainstream during the early 2010s, at least not here in the west. However, it enjoyed a booming fanbase, obsessively playing in groups to take down fearsome foes and hone their own unique RPG characters.

While there was certainly a gap in the PlayStation Vita market for such as game, neither of Sony’s handheld titles could touch Monster Hunter.

Soul Sacrifice had some fairly interesting ideas, backed by former Capcom producer Keiji Inafune. Carrying a much darker tone than its competitors, the game had you playing as a mage able to sacrifice body parts to unleash powerful attacks in combat. Meanwhile, Freedom Wars combined a dystopian setting with third person shooting and melee gameplay.

It’s fair to say the PlayStation Vita is well past its prime with Sony looking to wrap up support for the ill-fated handheld. Earlier this year, it announced that no news Vita games will be added to the PlayStation Store.

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  1. It’s a shame to see these three go – I realise no-one is likely playing them, but I definitely enjoyed them back in the day.

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