GRID Legends release date set for February 2022

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Codemasters has announced that GRID Legends will release on 28th February 2022 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, throwing their racing game oar into an absolutely packed month of video game releases. To mark the announcement, they’ve also released a shiny new gameplay video with new locations, new cars and more.


GRID Legends follows on from the 2019 series reboot, GRID, looking to advance the series with a dedicated story mode called Driven to Glory. This features a story inspired by Netflix series Drive to Survive, charting the story of a rookie driver making their way into the game’s racing championship for the first time. It’s bound to have some similarities to F1 2021’s Braking Point story mode, though the difference here is that they’re using real actors filmed in front of huge XR screens in a technique similar to that used for The Mandalorian.

But there’s also tons of racing outside fo the story to be had. There’s a regular career mode with over 250 events, and that will tap into all the returning race types and disciplines of the 2019 game, as well as seeing the return of Drift and Elimination races. There’s also Electric Boost racing, themed after Formula E, and multi-class races.

Beyond that you have improved multiplayer for up to 22 drivers, enhanced with full cross-platform support, and a new ability to quickly jump into the races of your friends and take over an AI driver’s place mid-race.

There’s also the Race Creator, which lets you take all of the content in the game and mix it up how you see fit. Any track, any weather conditions, time of day, added ramps and boost gates, and then pick a discipline, or even create a multi-class race for as much chaos as you can imagine.

Chris Smith, GRID Game Director at Codemasters said “GRID Legends is an all-action accessible racer focused on variety and choice; deep career, a new innovative story mode and a Race Creator that allows players to create dream racing match-ups with deep personalisation. And our new hop-in gameplay enables friends to connect in seconds and spend more time on the track and less time in lobbies.”

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  1. We’re going to be spoilt for choice on racing games at the start of next year: Assetto Corsa Competizione, GT7 and now Grid Legends. The big problem is that I want them all!

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