What We Played #527 – Fights in Tight Spaces, Back 4 Blood & Halo Infinite

The nights have drawn in further than an art student’s supplies and it’s cold enough to make you question why you’ve ever gone outside. Hooray for winter! We’re seeing the last push from our developer friends too, with final Christmas treats like Halo Infinite just around the corner.

I’ve been heaping some love on Infinite’s multiplayer, and I’m enjoying it as much as Halo 3. Which is to say, it’s currently my favourite thing, ever. Other than that, I tested my brain a little with Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain, and while it is pleasant, it’s not likely to trouble Master Chief.

Jason joined the VR revolution and got an Oculus Quest 2. He’s been “thoroughly enjoying yeeting lightsabers in Vader Immortal, pulling the heads of robots in Robo Recall, and living in the sheer horror that is VR Chat. I’ve also been playing Dragon’s Dogma, which is the well-known prequel to Elden Ring.”

Gamoc played Solar Ash for a review that’s coming soon and Back 4 Blood. Steve meanwhile has been playing the D+D Dark Alliance reboot on Gamepass. He says, “It’s not great solo but they haven’t patched in the local co-op yet and I’m clearing space again. Still plugging away at Monster Hunter Stories 2 which is becoming my personal version of Tuff’s Destiny 2. Also dipping in and out of Back 4 Blood for PC Gamepass Reward point shenanigans. Finally, I’ve rediscovered the simple joys of Microsoft Solitaire Collection for the school run commute.”

Fights in Tight Spaces Combat

Nick P has been playing Fights in Tight Spaces for review, and Returnal which he’s given up on. “Out of nowhere my love for the game just dipped”. He also installed and played the first level of Condemned because he “weirdly fancied it”. Finally, he’s been playing yet more Dead by Daylight!

Doing the usual is Nic B. He finished Pokémon Shining Pearl and is now filling up his National Dex, and has continued to fill Pokémon Go with steps. Aran did some finishing too, with Mass Effect Legendary Edition finally closed out this week. He told us, “I really enjoyed being back in that universe, and I cannot wait for the next game. I’m kind of at a loss to what to play next after going through all of that.”

Jim’s had a bit of a Marvel-themed week. Digging into the dustier corners of his backlog, he rediscovered X-Men Origins: Wolverine which he’s enjoying a lot. He says, “There’s a certain breed of character action game that has died out in recent years so this was a nice throwback even if a little rough around the edges on PS3. I’ve also fired up Marvel’s Avengers for the new content drop. Playing as Spider-Man has been great fun while prepping for the Klaw raid with Thor.”

marvel's avengers spider-man costume classic

Tuffcub played Destiny 2. This is not news, but I assume he is happy. Meanwhile Miguel has played some Wolfstride for review, Clockwork Aquario, and a pinch of Apex Legends! He also started Dragon Quest 11 again on the PS5, saying “the Switch version is nice, but I really wanted to take advantage of the beefy resolution and load times on the PS4-to-PS5 version.”

Ade played some more Surviving the Aftermath for review. He tells us, “Some of my little dudes even came close to surviving said aftermath, until they ran out of food and were hit by a hail of fireballs. Also, I returned to the sublime Tails of Iron thanks to the release of the free Bloody Whiskers DLC. Having vanquished killer bunnies, rat pirates and a frankenrat I’m left with fingers crossed hoping more DLC is on its way soon.”

Finally we come to Tef, who plugged in our Halo Infinite multiplayer review to start the week, but has continued to play and complete those pesky challenges in and around actually enjoying the gameplay. He’s also keeping up with the Jones’ in Forza Horizon 5 and ticking off another set of the arcade racer’s weekly races.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Played Days Gone, ran or better drove into the first herd I encountered, that was spooky! There’s always far too much content in these open world games, but apart from that, I like it.

  2. I did indeed get the platinum in Need For Speed Heat! I enjoyed it but I get the impression that once you’ve played one NFS, you’ve played them all, so I’m not planning on playing the others soon. I’ve also been playing Pikmin Bloom, which continues to be adorable to dip in and out of. I’m currently playing through Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter which is quite entertaining, if slightly less adorable than Pikmin!

  3. I’m cautiously exploring Dark Souls 2, learning the enemy movesets and trying to boost my stats before venturing much deeper.
    Also enjoyed playing the new Mm curated Dreams game, a nice hack n slasher with puzzles.

  4. I forgot to post last week, as I was at an actual gig for the first time since March 2020. (The semi-legendary Wedding Present making me feel old by playing 30 year old albums)

    So I’ve finished of RE Village, which isn’t as terrifying as 7 was, and is kind of all over the place really. But still very good.

    And some more lying to people in First Class Trouble. Which is huge fun if people talk and don’t just strangle the first person they see. So about 1 in 3 games.

    Did a sale happen? Maybe there were a couple of things there. A quick platinum from Cat Quest 2, which is cute and a fun distraction. And Yooka-Laylee and it’s much improved sequel with less dimensions.

    Then a cheap copy of Aliens: Fireteam Elite. That’s a lot better than I was expecting. Fun mowing down everything, especially with some friends. But things jumping at your face can piss off.

  5. I’m on my way to face Calamity Ganon again, after completing a lot more side quests and shrines than I remember attempting four years ago! All of this on v1.0 of the game, it’s been a real pleasure to play almost to completion with no noticeable bugs, well done Nintendo.

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