A bug has turned Animal Crossing: New Horizons in to a nudist colony

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise Header

A rather strange bug has surfaced for Nintendo’s hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Characters in the Happy Home Paradise Café are serving drinks and chatting to players while in the buff.
Animal crossing bug

The issue seems to be linked to the recent DLC pack and there are many reports across the internet of the glitch.  Nintendo have yet to comment on the revealing issue.

We scored the DLC 7/10 in our review. “Happy Home Paradise gives you the easiest job in the world. Creating holiday homes for various Animal Crossing characters is about as pressure-free as it gets when you’re given a clear direction, a curated set of furniture to choose from, and the knowledge that the customer will love whatever it is that you do,” said Stefan. “There’s no risk of a Changing Rooms disaster here. It’s another avenue to express yourself in New Horizons, just don’t expect much challenge, critique or need to think too far out of the box.”

The seemingly innocent and cute game has had a number of odd quirks in recent months, during the US presidential campaign the Biden-Harris campaign created a set of official campaign signs and logos for use in the cheery paradise of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We’d bet this is more down to staffers seeing the popularity of AOC in her Animal Crossing sessions earlier in the first global lockdown.

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