Cuphead The Delicious Last Course release now set for June 2022

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Cuphead The Delicious Last Course has now been put down for a June 30th, 2022 release date, Studio MDHR has announced. The last time we heard about Cuphead The Delicious Last Course was back in November 2020, and that was to announce the delay. When that delay was announced the aim for Studio MDHR was to release The Delicious Last Course in 2021, which could not be met. Cuphead was released in 2017 for Xbox One and PC. Then in April 2019 Cuphead was released on the Switch before landing on PS4 in July this year. The Delicious Last Course DLC was first announced back in 2018 with an aim of a 2019 release date.


“We’re beyond thrilled to finally be sharing a release date for The Delicious Last Course with our fans,” says Studio MDHR Co-Director Chad Moldenhauer. “As with so many of our fellow developers, creating games during these unique times has brought with it a host of challenges, and we’re so grateful to our Cuphead community for their patience and excitement as we’ve pushed to make The Delicious Last Course a true high watermark of the studio’s art, design, and animation.”

“Everyone really honed their craft during the course of development,” adds Studio MDHR Chief Operating Officer Maja Moldenhauer. “We’re so proud of our talented team, and the meticulous care they put into every element of this expansion. There are individual phases of bosses in The Delicious Last Course that contain more frames of animation than entire bosses in the original Cuphead, and we think fans and newcomers alike will really appreciate the depth and detail on display!”

In our review for Cuphead, Dave wrote: “Cuphead was well worth waiting for. It provided exactly what Studio MDHR said it would be – a boss rush with plenty of well-designed bosses and gorgeous presentation that mimics the Fleisher brothers’ art style. Depending on how used to 2D platformers with difficult bosses you are, there’s a decent amount on offer, though with limited side attractions beyond the bosses, it could all be done before you know it. It’s a swell ol’ time though.”

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