The Nightmare Before Christmas is coming to Fall Guys

fall guys nightmare before christmas skins

You heard that right. The Nightmare Before Christmas is making its way into the rambunctious king of battle royale games, Fall Guys.

What better way to celebrate the festive period than grind out challenges to unlock a Jack Skellington skin for your favourite bean?


Between December 16, 2021, and December 27, you’ll have a shot at unlocking Santa Jack and other themed cosmetic items by participating in challenges. This will coincide with a new event playlist titled “Naughty or Nice”. This appears to follow a similar format to the recent Sackboy, Aloy, and Ratchet & Clank events.

The Pumpkin King isn’t the only Disney character to join the Fall Guys cast this Christmas. A skin based on his original design will also be up for grabs, as well as Sally, and the Mayor of Halloween Town. They are sure to be an instant purchase for any Fall Guys player who also happened to be a goth during the mid 00s.

Fall Guys has been no stranger to celebrity cameos over the past year or so. From Doom Guy and Nier’s 2B to Sonic the Hedgehog and Gordon Freeman, it’s the perfect game for dressing up as your favourite characters.

The only downside is that many of these costumes are available for a limited time only. Mediatonic has teased an upcoming event where the best Fall Guys guests will once again be up for grabs.

In the meantime, there’s a new hotfix to download which includes the following changes:

• Players will now be respawned at the last checkpoint if they become wedged in a pipe

• SFX of some S6 emotes that were missing during rounds are back

• Change to Air Time to prevent exploit

• Music no longer stopping mid round

• Performance improvements to PS4 qualification screen

• Fixes for player names not displaying correctly in some languages

• Full Tilt back in rotation with changes to prevent exploit

• 3 word Fall Guy names on PlayStation fixed

• Forbidden temp image from round selection screen removed

• Hoops SFX volume corrected

For those still waiting for Fall Guys to drop on Xbox and Nintendo platforms, here’s the latest update from the developers.

Source: Twitter (@FallGuysGames)

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