PlayStation acquires Valkyrie Entertainment, a co-developer that’s working on God of War: Ragnarok

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Sony has announced the acquisition of Valkyrie Entertainment, a Seattle-based developer that might not have any major titles to its own name, but has had an integral role as a co-developer on a wide range of AAA games. It’s the latest expansion to the PlayStation Studios in what has been a busy year for the company.

Valkyrie’s role as a co-developer seems to suit what Sony want from some of their acquisitions through 2021. While studios like FirespriteBluepoint Games and Returnal developer Housemarque are creating their own IP, Sony also snapped up Nixxes, a studio that is renowned for their expertise in bringing games to PC, and which will seriously help their ambitions to bring more first party games to PC.

There’s a long history of Valkyrie lending manpower and resources to other companies, having helped Microsoft with Halo Infinite, Riot with Valorant and Sony with God of War in recent times. Valkyrie is also already working on God of War: Ragnarok with Santa Monica Studio – would you expect anything less given the company’s name?

With Valkyrie now in-house their entire focus will be on Sony titles and, with studios like Housemarque still relatively small compared to Juggernauts like Naughty Dog, they might want and need the help.

Hermen Hulst said of the acquisition that “Valkyrie Entertainment is a highly adaptable and respected studio which has produced high-quality work on a range of platforms from console to PC; and a variety of styles from action to games-as-a-service titles. Valkyrie’s diverse capabilities will be welcomed by every team at PlayStation Studios as we continue to focus on delivering extraordinary gaming experiences.”

Joakim Wejdemar, President and Founder, Valkyrie Entertainment said, “In our next chapter, we are excited to continue our relationship with some of the most talented teams in the world, expanding and contributing to the portfolio of amazing games available for PlayStation fans.”

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