Star Wars Eclipse is the next game from Quantic Dream

Star Wars Eclipse Header

Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game has been announced: Star Wars Eclipse. Savour the cinematic reveal trailer here:


The trailer hit pretty much every note you could hope for from a sweeping Star Wars adventure. There were recognisable alien races, there were giant space battle, hustling and bustling cities on alien worlds, and of course some lightsaber fighting.

We still know very little about the game, except that it’s set in the High Republic era, hundreds of years before the events of the films and the Skywalker Saga. All of this (trailer excepting) was actually leaked around a month ago.

Notable entries to Star Wars The High Republic include the book Light of the Jedi which deals with the fallout of the hyperspace lanes closing following the Great Disaster. There is also a High Republic comic series published my Marvel, and a number of other books including Into The Dark that has some links to Light of the Jedi. If the rumour is true then Star Wars Eclipse would be the first game set during the High Republic era. The name Eclipse could lead to a number of different possibilities, such as other stories that explore some of the issues from the Great Disaster. It could also reference the beginning of the fall of the Jedi as they peak and start to decline leading to the events of the prequel trilogy.

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