Bully 2 was meant to show at The Game Awards – rumour

bully 2 sequel rumour

Bully 2, the long awaited sequel to Rockstar’s hit 2006 open world game, exists and is currently in development.

Not only that, there’s a playable build in circulation with a Bully 2 world premiere originally planned for The Game Awards 2021.


That’s according to insider Tom Henderson who speculates that a reveal may still be on the cards. Of course, none of this has been substantiated by Rockstar Games.

Henderson later followed up by saying “some people saw a ‘playable version’ just a couple of weeks prior to The Game Awards (not the canned version). Like I said, information is blurry at the moment. But I thought it was worth reporting on, as there’s something definitely ‘going on’ to do with the series.”

With Bully (known as Canis Canem Edit in some regions) having celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in 2021, fans of the original game have been holding onto hope that news of a sequel would come.

In 2016, there was a surprise remaster of Bully on mobile devices with an enhanced emulated version available on PS4. Rockstar has yet to retire the series though there are plenty of arguments against releasing a potential Bully 2.

The sequel did exist at one point during the early 2010s according to sources. It would have seen the first game’s protagonist, Jimmy, return alongside a cast of characters new and old. With school out for the summer, this sequel would take players beyond the gates of Bullworth Academy to cause even more mayhem. The project was swiftly cancelled and there’s been no word of Bully 2 since, however.

Rockstar has yet to unveil the next big game(s) in its pipeline. More Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead seems guaranteed at this point, with potential more remasters on the way. Let’s just hope the company has taken some lessons from The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy and its somewhat shaky launch.

Source: Twitter (@_Tom_Henderson)

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