Dead By Daylight chapter 23 features a Japanese horror icon

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

With a new Dead By Daylight chapter having just been released, developer Behaviour Interactive has already announced what’s coming next.

The popular multiplayer horror game will host one of the biggest icons of Japanese horror for chapter Dead By Daylight 23. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re talking about Ringu (also by many as The Ring). This latest content drop will be coming to all versions of the game (excluding mobile) in March 2022.

The reveal trailer doesn’t give much away. Next to your classic DBD generator, we get a good look at the ominously iconic well as featured in The Ring.

It’s worth noting that the chapter 23 crossover is inspired by the original Kōji Suzuki novel from 1991 and its Japanese film adaptation. Horror purists won’t have to worry about the influence of sequels or the western remake with Behaviour Interactive aiming to honour Ringu in its terrifying original form.

We have no word on what new content will arrive as part of the upcoming chapter. That said, we typically get one new Killer, one new Survivor, and sometimes even a new map.

“We are very excited for the collaboration with Behaviour Interactive and the Dead by Daylight team,” says Kadokawa producer, Reiko Imayasu.

“We’ll be sending one of our most haunting characters to the Fog to pour down horrors that will rival all the great predecessors. Fans should beware of their heart; this deadly newcomer will definitely strike them, and they will tremble with fear whilst they wait.”

Ringu will certainly be a strange match for Dead By Daylight. Those who have read the novel or watched its many adaptations will know of its gruesome premise. Victims come across a cursed tape that warns them they will be killed in seven days. We know that some DBD matches can run a little long, but a whole week is rather excessive.

Perhaps we’ll see the video tape materialise, used by the Killer to inflict some of debuff on Survivors. Meanwhile, Ringu’s antagonist – Sadako – may stalk the map, clambering from wells to ambush her opponents.

We’re sure to find out more next year.

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