Fractured Online publishing agreement announced between Gamigo and Dynamight Studios

Fractured Online, the currently in development MMORPG, is going to be published by Gamigo Group. The publishing agreement between Gamigo and developer Dynamight Studios was announced earlier today. Fractured Online was a moderately successful Kickstarter project raising €111,662 from just over 1,000 backers, and it has been described as a dynamic MMO that will react to the actions of players. A video statement was given by Jacopo Pietro Gallelli, the CEO of Dynamight Studios.


“Our team is really proud to be the new publisher of ‘Fractured Online’ as we see huge potential in the game,” says Andreas Weidenhaupt, COO at gamigo group. “We have been following Dynamight closely since their successful Kickstarter campaign and are now looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

“We wanted to offer something that was more powerful and flexible than the conventional RPG level and skills progression system,” says Jacopo Gallelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Dynamight Studios. “In Fractured Online, we’re putting credence to the idiom ‘knowledge is power’ by introducing the Knowledge System. Our system rewards players that are courageous and clever, not for the hours they’ve spent hunting rats in a basement for some random farmers.”

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