Here’s your first look at Horizon Forbidden West on PS4

Horizon Forbidden West PS4

Until now Guerrilla Games and Sony had only shown Horizon Forbidden West running on PlayStation 5, obviously they want to make a good impression so they will use the most powerful hardware. We now have a look at the game on PS4, albeit via screen shot, and it still looks rather impressive. There’s slightly less detail, and the lighting is not as good as the PS5 version but it still looks rather fab, check it out.

As mentioned at the start of the post, all previous footage of the game was from the PS5 version, including the trailer which was released at The Game Awards trailers. It’s a short look at Horizon Forbidden West which finds Aloy in an insane battle against the robotic creatures that roam the land.

Earlier this year Guerrilla Games has announced that it will be starting a new podcast exploring the world of Horizon, and that podcast will be called GAIACast. This podcast will be delving into all things Horizon, both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. The first podcast dropped on November 23rd with the main focus being Horizon Zero Dawn. The first episode will be called All About Aloy, and as you can guess it will be about the main character. In addition there are some more images to see from the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

If you did not play the first game or could do with a catch up on the story then you may like the video below which I came across on YouTube. It gives a really detailed timeline of the events leading up to the start of the game. Be warned, it gets very, very dark.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18th, 2022.

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