Horizon Forbidden West – 3 new machines revealed in latest trailer

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With Horizon Forbidden West releasing for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 18th February 2022, Aloy will have to face new dangers in unfamiliar territory, going toe to toe with the living machine native to this part of the world. A new trailer has revealed more about three of them: the Slitherfang, Rollerback and Sunwing.


The Slitherfang is, of course, a big robo-snake that’s going to, well, slither across the terrain and gobble you up. The Rollerback seems to be inspired by hedgehogs, able to curl up into a ball and roll towards any dangers it perceives – beware, it seems ot be able to re-attach armour plates that you’ve chipped away with damage – while the Sunwings are Pteradactyl like birds, their solar panel wings letting them harvest energy from the sun. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to fly on a Sunwing’s back?

There’s actually more machines to be found in the trailer, but they go unnamed. Catch sight of underwater beasts, little angry monkeys, and more. They look as wonderfully creative as all the machine creatures that were designed for the original game.

Yesterday gave us our first glimpse of what Horizon Forbidden West will look like on PlayStation 4 – this is a cross-gen release, after all. There’s slightly less detail, and the lighting is not as good as the PS5 version but it still looks rather fab.

The game will start six months after the end of the first game during which Aloy has been on a mission. She has spotted the red light which is signalling the “end of the biosphere” and the death of the planet, and to save the day she heads to the Forbidden West. She will hook up with some old friends such as Erend and Sylens, but also meet new characters along the way and have to deal with new robotic dangers.

Horizon Forbidden West will release on February 18th 2022, having failed to meet its intended 2021 release target. As a cross-gen release for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Sony caused a stink with their upgrade plans (or lack thereof), quickly U-turning to stick to the spirit of previous statements they had made to now offer free upgrades from PS4 to PS5. Great news for those stuck on the older generation during the current console shortages.

Source: PS Blog

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