New World players will be able to get The Wheel of Time items for limited time

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New World players will have the chance to earn items that have been featured in Amazon Prime’s series The Wheel of Time, in a first crossover between an Amazon game and an Amazon series. The way that players will be able to earn these items are through watching official streams on Twitch. To link your accounts to Twitch and to know when the Twitch drops are happening then click through to here.


The items that will be dropped include:

  • Tam’s Blade: A blade stamped with this sigil means its bearer has earned the right to call themselves a master of the forms.
  • Shadowspawn Blade: A brutal heavy sword capable of great violence as used by the Trollocs, the soldiers of the Dark One’s army.
  • Red Ajah Cloak: Each Ajah has its own specific purpose and rules, with those wearing Red being known for hunting down men who use the one power.
  • Children of the Light: Worn by the White Cloaks and enemies of the Aes Sedai they are the independent military organization dedicated to finding Darkfriends and rooting out perceived evil and corruption in the world.
  • Egwene’s Cloak & Nynaeve’s Coat: These outfits represent the look for Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara, residents of Two Rivers, who along with their friends are swept up into an adventure in the search to find the Dragon Reborn.
  • Ouroboros Crest: The signature to the Wheel of Time, it represents the serpent devouring itself and being reborn signifying birth and death throughout time.

If you have not watched The Wheel of Time and are planning to then be forewarned that some of the Twitch streams will be watch parties for the series finale. The New World x The Wheel of Time giveaway will be running from December 24th right up until January 11th.

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