What We Played #529 – Halo Infinite, The Gunk & After The Fall

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It’s that time of the week where we look back at the games we’ve played and wonder where the last seven days has gone. I’ve been continuing to finish off my Halo Infinite review after having had to restart the whole thing again. It’s still very good. Other than that I’ve spent some time with Wartales for a preview, returned to Planet Zoo and made a start on Chorus for a review. The whole ‘u’ looking like a ‘v’ and turning it into Chorvs thing is very annoying and silly, isn’t it?

Aran finished Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart which was “very enjoyable with a good story”. He also played through The Gunk for review which you can read to get his full impressions. Finally, he’s returned to the Yakuza franchise after a year-long hiatus and is diving into Yakuza 5. He tells us, “Just took down the Devil Killers street gang, but the driving is pretty janky. Also the pedestrians running in front of the car during taxi missions is downright infuriating. Stupid virtual pedestrians.”

Nic B has been playing the new Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel. He says, “It’s… very Saturday morning cartoons. Full review incoming!” Of course he’s also played Pogo. This is not surprising.

Deathloop Combat

Having now finished the main story of Deathloop, Nick P said, “Ending was a little flat, but I still really enjoyed the general gameplay loop… sorry. Going back to polish off trophies for it, now. Played a bit of the new Warzone map and only lasted a couple of games before I got bored and uninstalled Warzone. The new map might be nice, but they’ve not fixed any of the problems Warzone us which turned me off in the first place.”

Gamoc played After the Fall for review. He’s also played Back 4 Blood (because one co-op zombie shooter wasn’t enough), Beat Saber, and UFC 3, where he’s been experimenting with destroying all stamina bars for the opponents body parts. Apparently, the hardest one is their back leg. Good to know!

Jim is due to move house in January and during the clear-out he discovered that he had in fact not flogged his Xbox One a couple of years ago. So, he hopped on a £1 Game Pass deal and has since been hammering his way through the sublime Halo Infinite. He tells us, “It’s been an age since I’ve properly got stuck into one of these games – come to think of its, not since Halo: Combat Evolved on PC.” He’s also doing some clearing up in Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5. “I’m approaching the point of no return so figured I’d complete the optional side quests before advancing.” Finally, he’s started a new playthrough of Dead Space. He says, “Unsurprisingly, it holds up incredibly well and I’ve also been reading the Dead Space novels to get me in the mood for next year’s remake.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PC Aerith

Miguel started Inscryption this week and is “ADDICTED”, which I guess is American for he quite likes it. He also returned to Judgement for a bit, played some Fortnite and Apex Legends, and futzed around with FF7R Intergrade on PC.

Last but not least, Tef’s continuing to catch up on the Halo series and is halfway through Halo 5’s campaign, which is… fine? It’s still rather pretty and there’s some big battle arenas, but 343’s first two Halo games were just a bit too dependent on story from outside the games and bonus co-op modes for casuals to know what’s going on. Aside from that? Well, it’s been Halo Infinite multiplayer, of course!

What about you? What have you played? And are you trying to clear some space for new games/consoles over the holidays?

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  1. More Zelda for me. The DLC is great so far, as annoying as the accordion bird is the Champions Ballad challenges are good fun. I haven’t gone after the motor bike yet, maybe this weekend I’ll give that a shot! It’s been fun comparing notes with a couple of work mates too (42 and 57), who’d have thought Zelda could be so sociable! I’ve also bought Snowrunner for my PC, haven’t started it yet but I have been giving Mudrunner a go on my iPad, its pretty impressive.

  2. This week I did some late night sessions watching all three Matrix movies once more (again, I liked the first one the most, still remember how I felt when I watched it in the cinema back then).

    Then I tried the new Matrix demo on PS5. It’s quite amazing what fairly photo realistic image quality is possible these days, I was running, driving and flying around town for quite a while, looking into windows comparing rooms, found this clock tower which you can enter, etc. Consider me impressed. Mind you, games are rarely disappointing at the level of image quality or realism, they are because they got a poor story, or nothing you could seriously call that, so the real challenges to make a good game are elsewhere.

    I also continued Days Gone, and played some more Lovers in a dangerous spacetime with the kids.

  3. I checked out the first hour or so of Mortal Shell and i kinda like what i’ve seen so far and am intrigued enough to want to investigate it’s mysteries some more – when i don’t have DS2 breathing down my neck that is.
    And then i got covid so i’m isolating at home, feeling a bit yukky and no smell/taste but otherwise not in any immediate danger. I decided to cheer myself up by grabbing Kena Bridge of Spirits in the Game Award flash sale. It’s gorgeous looking although i wish they had added some wildlife scurrying about, the combat works well although the double-jump looks a bit off. There is not a lot of story to go on yet, so i’m hoping to learn more as i play on but i’m enjoying it so far.

    • Hope you don’t get it too badly, all the best..!
      Recently, a lot of close people around us got it, and we’re very surprised we still could avoid it somehow, but it’s more a matter of time, really.

      • Thanks man, so far so good and feels like the symptoms are gradually fading after a week – except i still can’t smell/taste anything – it might be difficult to compliment my mum’s Christmas cooking!
        You’re right, it’s definitely just a matter of time so be well and stay safe.

  4. I got the platinum in Maneater and decided to start work on the DLC for the 100%, which seems to be going ok. It could be better,if we’re honest. I’ve also been working on Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Watch Dogs, which both seem to be going well – nearing being able to consider the platinum in both.
    I don’t have any plans for a new console for Christmas, I have too much that I want to go through on PS4 first.
    I had my covid booster jab this week and have been feeling a bit rough from it. I hope TS Bonyman feels better soon!

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