PS Plus version of Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting the PS5 upgrade this week

Having blocked the ability earlier this year, Square Enix has announced that the PS Plus version of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be allowed to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 this week. You will, of course, have had to redeem the game back in March to benefit.


The FF7R PS5 upgrade will be made available on Wednesday 22nd December and, assuming that this mimics the regular upgrade process from the paid version of FF7R, the upgrade should be free. At the same time, the PS5-exclusive Episode Intermission DLC that stars Yuffie Kisaragi will have a 25% price cut for a limited period.

When Final Fantasy VII Remake was added to PlayStation Plus in March, Square Enix and Sony decided to restrict it to the PS4 version of the game and not allow users access to the free PS5 upgrade that was coming in June. That meant that, if you wanted to play with enhanced graphics or see the new Episode Intermission DLC, you would have to pay for the full game or the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade release. It’s a trick we’ve seen pulled with a few PS Plus games over the past year.

You don’t have to be too cynical to see the motivation behind the change, with Square Enix presumably having seen sales of the PS5 version and Yuffie DLC tail off and wanting to get more people to pay for Episode Intermission. Of course, it’s been long enough that FF7R has been in various sales on the PlayStation Store and I’m sure quite a few people now have buyers remorse over paying for the game in that time.

At least it feels like a big step forward for the game. In our Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade review, Nic wrote:

“You should absolutely get Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. It’s easy to be critical and nitpick, but it’s worth remembering we’re looking at the DLC for one of the best and most-loved games of the PS4. The PS5 upgrade for Intergrade looks and feels incredible, and the chance to play as Yuffie is warmly received, especially when she completely changes the tone to something more light-hearted. However, the DLC isn’t quite perfect and, despite the filler, it feels very short for its price, especially if you’re not interested in the side missions.”

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is now available on PC and, while we’ve seen some outlets run into difficulties with the port, Miguel had a great time exploring the game on a new platform – read his PC review here.

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  1. When did Square Enix start going so badly wrong? Was it after the somewhat unfair reception to FF13?

    After that, they made a sequel that was actually a big improvement, but then stuffed a load of DLC into it. Then made and absolutely terrible 3rd game which we don’t talk about. Then went wrong with FF14 until redoing it all. Plus they got involved with MS lying about Rise of the Tomb Raider. Went mad with DLC for FF15. And then after butchering FF7 by thinking “shiny graphics” makes up for “terrible combat and incoherent, insulting story”, they go and pull this PS+ upgrade shit?

    • They’ve made a lot of major investments over the past 20 years and as with any company need them to pay off or to be subsidised by other successes. FF13’s tricky development led to two sequels with overhauled development plans, FF14’s initial flop led to further investment that has paid off in the long term, Tomb Raider’s reboot didn’t meet internal estimates so pushed toward a financial deal, etc. etc.

      You obviously disagree about FF7R, but it’s been very well received and sold well (5 million in the first half year). Perhaps not well enough to meet the investment, and so we have oddities like the PS Plus upgrade thing.

  2. Isn’t this just the business model for most of the big publishers now? Sales tale off, and they do something to drive those sales back up, whether it’s drop the price in a sale, put the DLC on offer, etc.

    FF13 was unfairly judged, FF14 was a mess at launch, FF15 did go too heavy on the DLC, and wasn’t quite right at launch, but equally FF14 is now one of the best, if not the best, MMOs, FF13 stands up really well if you return to it, and FF15 is great if you pick up the Royal edition. It’s – I’ll whisper now – in my top 5 FF games.

    It does suck when you’ve paid for something at launch and then they do something to devalue it, buuuuutt if you’re super keen you tend to get stung whatever, and whoever it is!

  3. Sounds like somebody wants better headlines about FF7 this week after a lot of talk of the worst PC port in years

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