Hell Let Loose console roadmap includes British & Soviet Forces and parity with PC

Hell Let Loose console players can look forward to more content being added to the game in 2022. Developer Black Matter has posted the 2022 roadmap for the console version of Hell Let Loose but has not marked dates of when to expect the content. Black Matter has also confirmed that everything listed is not necessarily the full list, so additional content could be added. The main content will focus on British and Soviet Forces, as well as making this version of Hell Let Loose match up with the PC version of the game. The full road map is below.

Hell Let Loose console edition incoming content

As you can see from the image above the new forces and PC parity are not all players should expect to be added. There are new vehicles like jeeps, the M4 Sherman tank, and the Panzer IV tank. The fire update will bring with it flamethrowers and molotovs, adding a new threat/advantage in battles. There are new maps coming too including British maps and two more Easter Front maps as well. Players can also expect to see new cosmetics added, new death animations, and new stats to view, alongside improvements to visual and sound effects.

In our review for Hell Let Loose, I wrote: “Hell Let Loose could become a real hit amongst those looking for a bit more of a grounded experience than Call of Duty or Battlefield. However, the experience will rely heavily on the community engaging with each other positively to put plans together and make the experience authentic. Hell Let Loose is a game about teamwork and without it the chaos of war will overwhelm a player.”

You can read the full Hell Let Loose review here.

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