Elden Ring preload date and file size revealed for PS5

Eldenr Ring Preload
Eldenr Ring Preload

The always useful PlayStation Game Size Twitter feed has revealed when you can preload Elden Ring, and the file size without the day one patch on PS5.

You will be able to preload Elden Ring on February 23rd with the game going live on February 25th, and it will take up 44.472 GB if disk space.


The game was given a new story trailer at recent The Game Awards . It’s a fully CG trailer without a hint of gameplay but does explain the plot of the game, check it out.

We had a chance to play the game a few weeks ago during the Closed Network Test.

“I love literally all of what I’ve played of Elden Ring so far. I don’t know what I was expecting from this type of more open world game coming from FromSoftware, but playing it solidifies what half-formed mental images I had. Despite the more open areas, you can still feel a lot of purpose in enemy placement,” said Jason. “Big empty areas are only used as a way to give you a small breather before having some monumental threat show up. Hell, a stone giant stood up at one point as I was exploring what I thought were ruins and breathed fire on me. There are lots of surprises to be found. Many of them are deadly.”

Elden Ring will take advantage of the power of the PlayStation 5 by offering two graphical modes. As usual there’s a Performance mode that will run at “up to” 60fps, and a Graphics modes that will run, once again “up to” 4K with ray tracing.

Here are the specs for all the PlayStation versions

Elden Ring PS4
Maximum resolution: Up to 1920x1080P
Frame rate: Up to 30 FPS
HDR: Supported

Elden Ring PS4 Pro
Maximum resolution: Up to 3200x1800P
Frame rate: Up to 30 FPS
HDR: Supported

Elden Ring PS5
Maximum resolution: Up to 3840x2160P
Frame rate: Up to 60 FPS
HDR: Supported
Ray tracing (via patch): Supported

Source: Twitter

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