What We Played #530 Halo Infinite, Inscryption & Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Pre-Christmas gaming.
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I have been stuck inside thanks to a worrisome little virus, so when I’ve not felt like complete rubbish I’ve mostly been playing video games. That’s meant a whole lot of Halo Infinite and its single player campaign. There’s still a Spartan Core or two left to find but otherwise that sucker is done, and I loved it. There’s definitely a warm and fuzzy does of nostalgia, but it’s mixed in with a bunch of new things to make it fresh and exciting. Other than that I’ve been playing Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen as I needed to continue the gaming comfort food, as well as Monster Hunter Rise, Sackboy, Unpacking, TABS, Ben 10 (mainly to help a person who’s much smaller than me) and Chorus for an eventual review.

Aran was first up and he’s been playing ‘New Job Simulation’. I don’t think this is actually a game, but he says, “It’s okay so far, though the driving bug should be sorted so lorries don’t take up two lanes of a dual carriageway during the commute section.” Other than that he’s played a bit of Yakuza 5, having just finished part 1 and moved onto the next in time for Christmas.

Halo Infinite Campaign Review Open WorldNick P has mostly been playing Spider-Man Remastered because he’s still on the No Way Home hype. “It’s still amazing,” he says, which we think might be an intentional pun. He’s also been doing his usual Dead by Daylight and Fortnite shenanigans.

Jim watched the credits roll on Final Fantasy VII Remake at last! He says, “While I wasn’t huge on those earlier chapters, it all came together in the end quite nicely. Definitely enjoyed it more as the combat became more challenging, encouraging me to think about my party’s Materia loadouts. Coincidentally, Intergrade went on sale the day after so I’ve installed that, ready to play in the new year.”

He continued, “I’ve probably spent even more time playing Hunt: Showdown. It’s been a while since I last picked it up and it’s properly hooked me again. There’s honestly no other shooter like it and I love the icky macabre tone as you run skirmishes across The Bayou.”

Nic B played Pogo, but his new (replacement) PS5 has arrived so he can finally go back to ignoring it while he plays some more Pogo. Tuffcub has played Destiny 2. That may have changed as he’d headed home with a PS4 under his arm, and rubbish internet, but…. maybe not.

Gareth has been adventurous this week, playing a wide variety of things including Back 4 Blood, Diablo 2, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition, Sairento VR, Beat Saber, UFC 3, Control, After the Fall, and Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning! Phew!

Reuben has been pretty much tied to FFXIV Endwalker, when he could get on the game at least (review incoming). Otherwise, he’s been tackling the Fortnite and Disney Magical World 2 Christmas events, because “I am just that kind of person”. Yes, we can see that.

Miguel started Inscryption. He tells us he’s “Loving it!! I also played a lil more random bits of Judgement, and lotssss of Apex Legends”

Jason has mostly been playing a lot of VR stuff, and then also EDF 5, “the one truly great game in existence”. I see that some of us have been at the festive ‘nog a little early.

Finishing off Kena: Bridge of Spirits this week, Ade said, “I really enjoyed it overall, though the constant boss battles in the final third certainly dragged”. He’s also been playing through ‘It Takes Two’ with his partner. “It’s simply amazing and well deserving of TheSixthAxis’ Best Gameplay Award. Also, my son and I have been battling through Minecraft: Dungeons – it’s a decent little lightweight dungeon crawler, even if I have no idea who the baddies are while he has a seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of every Minecraft character!”

Steve has played a few things this week. He’s still trying to get through the last bits of MH Stories 2 in between other things, though he says, “I keep on getting distracted trying to make every beautiful armour set which goes completely against the core idea of being a Rider rather than a Hunter… On the Hunter note, getting set to devote some major time to Monster Hunter Rise so Christmas is gonna involve a lot of hammering time”. He’s also been dipping into Halo: Infinite multiplayer for Reward points and had a real mix of awful and enjoyable sessions with random matchmaking.

He then doubled up on multiplayer with Century: Age of Ashes which is “a nice twist on the usual but really not a game for the casual player”. Steve’s Christmas tradition always means some time spent with a glass of whiskey and a hidden object game or two for the ultimate chill out gaming and that has coincided nicely with a free Artifex Mundi game on Xbox ‘Queen’s Quest 5: Symphony for the Dead’. Finally, he dug out the VR headset for some After the Fall fun with Gareth and got everything set up for his holiday adventures with Half Life: Alyx and Resident Evil 4 VR – “Looking forward to losing myself again in the two best helmet-cam games”.

Finally we come to Tef, who has been pretty much consumed by Halo Infinite this past week, but is planning to break out the Switch to revisit some of 2021’s best games on it.

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Been trying to finish off various things so I can make room for anything I might happen to get for christmas. Or the “January” sale that just started.

    And by “finish”, I mean “get the platinum, or get bored collecting pointless crap or fed up of ridiculous grind, whichever comes first”.

    Lego DC Super-Villains from PS+ amused me for quite a while, but endless things to do after the story is getting annoying now.

    And yet Godfall, in it’s “just the endgame stuff” edition keeps tempting me back. Ideal for little bits here and there.

    And more Aliens Fireteam. And even some Hunt: Showdown (on sale now for a bargain price, and highly recommended)

    And of course, because there’s a sale with a million things in, my backlog is going to go wrong again. Already tempted to finally get around to Life is Strange 2 (I know, there’s a 3rd one already!). So gave the free episode 1 a go, and now I’ll have to get the rest for 10 quid or so. Enjoyed the first episode.

    Plus an update to Alvo means that should be busy again, so VR shenanigans before christmas. Yay!

    So the only other thing to say is I hope you all have a good christmas. Or a not terrible christmas if any plans have gone wrong. Or you recover quickly if you’re suffering from a bout of covid. Or you can use it all as an excuse to ignore christmas. Whichever works best for you. While my mum’s still in hospital, I shall be cooking for my dad, my partner and his brother. So however much anyone’s plans go wrong, just think yourself lucky it won’t be as bad as the inevitable 6 different types of food poisoning I shall be causing. (I wish I knew if I was joking there)

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