Our Most Wanted Games of 2022 – 35 to 31


We’re back with the next five games from our big list of hotly anticipated video games releases. Sure, you’ve probably got one or two big AAA titles you’ve been keeping tabs on, but if you’re looking to expand your tastes in the gaming space then look no further.

Yet again we’ve spewed up a cluster of weird and wonderful games coming out in 2022. Plucked from a variety of genres, each is bringing something different to the tablet whether refining well-established genres or turning them on their heads.

35. Tchia

You know what, sometimes it’s nice to kick back and explore a vibrant open world that isn’t besieged by enemy mobs, loot drops, and perilous quests. Tchia is a game that lets you soak in its beautiful atmosphere, exploring its south pacific isles and occasionally jamming on your ukulele.


This isn’t just a cutesy walking sim, however. Tchia will solve puzzles and mysteries on her adventures, with the power to take control of any creatures or objects you find along the way. You’ll traverse the game’s luscious archipelago by land, air, and sea, fluid character movement playing a pivotal role in this gorgeous indie.

34. Company of Heroes 3

There are few names in the real-time strategy genre that carry as much sway as Company of Heroes. Relic Entertainment may not have birthed the RTS, though kept the flame burning strong through the 00s with the original Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and its World War II flavoured Company of Heroes. The studio catapulted itself back into the spotlight this year with the superb Age of Empires IV.

Instead of retreading old ground, Company of Heroes 3 takes us to a completely new theatre of war for the series’ third instalment. Throughout the campaign we’ll be leading the Allied Forces to victory across North Africa and Italy where some of the WW2’s most iconic, decisive battles were fought. It’s been the best part of a decade since we last saw the Company of Heroes, Relic introducing new gameplay elements such as the Tactical Pause system which will allow players to queue commands while getting caught in the chaos.

33. Metal Slug Tactics

DotEmu is at it again. The Parisian nostalgia factory has had a hand in reviving a growing number of familiar names from the arcade era including Streets of Rage, Windjammers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Metal Slug is the latest IP to join the ranks, beloved by many for its high octane brand of retro, side-scrolling shootouts.

As the name implies, Metal Slug Tactics is taking things in a bold new direction. It may feature the same heroes, visuals, and imagery of SNKs arcade classics, albeit from a new perspective. We’re suckers for turn-based tactical RPGs here at TheSixthAxis and, beyond the Metal Slug name, we want to see the milieu of customisation and roguelike elements that are at play when Tactics launches next year.

32. Earth Defense Force 6

You can thank Jason and his corrupting influence on the team for this ranking so highly on our list. Somehow Earth Defense Force is still a thing and, even more concerning, it has a growingly vocal fanbase who swear that the rest of us are truly missing out.

Having spawned from a budget PS2 release many years ago, the series has you fighting off waves of giant bugs and other alien invaders, returning to base to upgrade the weapons and classes available. Funnily enough, EDF 6 looks like a PS2 game though I have it on good authority that EDF has gone from strength to strength with each release. Rewarding progression, cathartic bug-hunting, and wreaking havoc with friends online is what will keep fans coming back. However, those unmistakable rough edges may hold this sixth instalment back from being a breakout mainstream hit.

31. Slitterhead

Even the vaguest of associations with one of industry’s true landmarks is enough to get your latest project time in the spotlight. It’s no wonder that Slitterhead rocketed its way up this list despite feeding us little over a minute of (not even gameplay) footage.

However, when the name Keiichiro Toyama gets mentioned, there’s a collective pricking of ears. After all, he is the creator of Silent Hill, not to mention the criminally overlooked Siren and Gravity Rush. For a while we’ve known that his latest outfit, Bokeh Game Studio, is developing a new horror game though details have been scant. Slitterhead definitely looks different and hopefully this will translate into gameplay, leaning on dread and atmosphere instead of jump scares and over-the-top action.

We are fast approaching the midpoint of our massive list. Tune in tomorrow as we reveal the next five games we just can’t wait to play!

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