Deep Rock Galactic PS5 features detailed ahead of PS Plus launch

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Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games has detailed some of the exclusive features that await PS5 players when the game arrives on PlayStation Plus next month.

The space dwarf co-op shooter has some extra bells and whistles compared to the PC and Xbox versions currently available. On PS5, it has been confirmed that the DualSense’s touchpad can be used to control the Terrain Scanner tool. Meanwhile, the gamepad’s built-in speakers will bark orders at players from Mission Control.

Although a spotlight is being shone on the PS5 edition of Deep Rock Galactic, the game will also be available on PS4 too. Following an accurate leak earlier this month, it’s been announced that the game will join DIRT 5 and Persona 5 Strikers.

All three games will be available to download for free via PlayStation Plus on January 4, 2022. You will need an active PS Plus subscription to download and maintain access to them.

One of our favourite games of 2020, Deep Rock Galactic has you running missions in squads of four, honing your skills as one of its customisable classes. Here’s more of what to expect:

In Deep Rock Galactic, players are one of four different classes of dwarf miners working on the inhospitable but lucrative planet, Hoxxes IV. Working as either the Driller, the Scout, the Engineer or the Gunner, they must navigate the complex terrain of underground caverns, excavating valuable minerals from the planet, stealing alien eggs and fighting off enemies to escape with their horde — and lives — intact. There are tonnes of different missions, biomes and challenges to keep Dwarves on their toes, and more continue to be added with every update.

There’s been no word on whether players can expect cross-platform online multiplayer in the near future.

The PS5 and PS4 versions will not lag behind their PC counterpart when it comes to content and updates, however. PlayStation players will have access to the game’s first season which includes a new mode as well as a battle pass.

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